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Cheap Lodging Options While on a US Road Trip

road trip

Whether you are aiming to cover the “Route 66” or “The Road To Nowhere”, it is never a great idea to spend huge sums on expensive hotels or lodges. Accommodation, being is the second biggest expense on a US road trip, should not be taken lightly. If you are planning a US road trip, make sure you plan ahead and be prepared to keep the accommodation expenses as low as possible.?

road trip

Road trip routes like “The Pacific Coast” and “Appalachian Trail” are considered historically significant. There is a lot of pride in putting yourself out there without worrying about food or having a roof over your head at night. Moreover, if you are reading this post, it is likely that you are looking for ways to save money on your road trip as a cross-country road trip could take anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Here Are a Few Cheap Lodging Options While on a US Road Trip

1) Look for a Motel 6

Motel 6 is a hospitality company with affordable motels all over the United States and Canada. I like how comfortable their rooms are. To locates a Motel 6, either use the Google Maps app on your phone or simply look for a red neon sign while on the road. Usually, they display a discounted price on the red neon sign board. You don’t even have to make a halt to enquire for room rates.

2) Use Coupon Books For Accommodation

A coupon book can come handy when you cross over from one state to another. As you cross over, follow directions to the nearest travel information center. This is where you can ask for a free coupon book for accommodation. A coupon book is state-sponsored; it is not like a regular hotel discount coupon. With a coupon book, you can expect a room for $35-$60 per night.

3) Use Hotel Coupons

Even if you don’t get the opportunity to grab a coupon book for accommodation, there is a lot you can do to get a discounted hotel/motel room for a night. The next best option is to look for a hotel coupon. And, yes, you don’t have to stop at a gas station or a truck station to find one. Simply download a coupon from HotelCoupons or any other website that offers one.

4) Look for an RV Park or Caravan Park

If you are road tripping in a van or a camper vehicle, simply look for an RV park or a caravan park nearby. Most RV Parks are equipped with a facility to hook up water pipeline with your camper vehicle, so you can bathe or perform other chores in the comfort of your vehicle itself. You will even find new and advanced RV parks with a facility to indulge in recreational activities. Generally, these caravan parks charge anywhere from $25 and $80 per night.


The primary purpose of a road trip is to explore the places that you might never have seen before. It is not unusual for people to neglect the beauty there is to see in their homeland. People usually talk about expensive places like Spain and Switzerland but you will be surprised by how sumptuous a road trip in the US can turn out to be.

Cheapest Countries for an American Backpacker to Travel in 2020


Do you wish to travel the world someday? Don’t know which country to start with?

Unlike Europeans, Americans do not traditionally backpack all over the world. Usually, an American would travel within their own country or visit South American nations; but rarely Europe or Asia. The reason being, the airfare for traveling over the Atlantic is too high. However, there are some countries, even in Europe and Asia, where the expenses are so less, you won’t feel even a small dent on your wallet.


Here Are the 6 Cheapest Countries for an American Backpacker to Travel in 2020

1) Mexico 

Mexico is not only close by from the United States, but it is also one of those countries where an American is not harassed or heckled for money. Visit Mexico if you are interested in exploring the ancient Mayan culture. Even today, the ancient architecture is perfectly preserved by the locals. However, the food here is a bit pricey than other South American countries.?

2) Thailand 

Want to stay in a country where a wholesome meal for one costs less than $2? If yes, then Thailand is the best place for you. Domestic beer in Bangkok will cost you just $ 2.65. Transportation is even quite cheaper. While in Thailand, you can expect to see lush jungles, mountains, amazing beaches and friendly people everywhere. Thailand comes first for most first-time backpackers wanting to experience Asia.

3) Nepal

Interested in temples and monuments? Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal with backpackers flooding in from all around the world. From November to February, each year, this city is filled with travelers wanting to experience Nepalese culture. You can also go hiking or just admire the mesmerizing beauty of the countryside areas. Food expenses are quite similar to that of Thailand but accommodation is way cheaper.

4) Cuba

Cuba is another Latin American country in the list of cheap countries to travel for an American. A wholesome meal for one in a city like Havana will cost you a mere $5. While traveling from one city to another city can be done within a dollar. It’s literally free of cost.?

5) Spain

When it comes to backpacking in Europe, Spain comes first to my mind. From spicy and delicious food to Flamenco music, Spain has a lot to offer. You don’t have to worry about travel expenses in Spain. As a tourist, you can have a great time soaking some sunshine on the beaches itself. Since it is a developed nation, expenses like food or commute is a bit more than that of Asian or South American countries.?

6) Dominican Republic

The last one on the list Dominican Republic is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. Like Americans, people here too love baseball. A huge number of players in the American Baseball League come from this country. So, expect to bump into some baseball player here. Expense-wise, this country is quite similar to Cuba. Food and commute are very cheap.


I hope the above post helps you understand the real value of travel in Europe and Asia. Barring airfare, there is not really much to worry about. So, next time you make travel plans, do not forget to add one of the above-mentioned countries to your list.

6 Hobbies That’ll Make You Better at Travel


I get it. Traveling is not something you can learn from a book or a video course. It is an experience and you cannot simulate the same adventure with technology or something else. However, some hobbies make you more energetic and diligent in general. This post is all about hobbies that make you better at travel.


Here Are the 6 Hobbies That’ll Make You Better at Travel

1) Photography

Very few backpackers prefer to travel without a good camera. These days, action cameras and drones are likewise trending within the backpacker community. To get better at travel, one needs to learn how to capture stunning images. You can only do so with practice. This is why I recommend a traveler to invest in a camera–if you haven’t already– and learn how to take well-defined pictures.

2) Blogging

Blogging is another hobby that can make you better at travel. The whole idea with travel blogging is to share your experience as a traveler with those who wished they were as lucky as you. Moreover, with advertising and affiliate marketing, you can also earn some decent passive income.

3) Vlogging

Just like blogging, uploading videos on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook can make you better at travel. To begin your vlogging journey, all you need is a good wide-angle camera and a gorilla pod. An action camera can also be used as a secondary camera for creating b-rolls. You can learn a lot by following VegaBrothers on YouTube.

4) Going out Solo 

Most travelers are quite comfortable in their own skin. Particularly, the ones who backpack solo. But if you have been traveling with a partner or a travel group, you might want to learn how to travel solo as well.?

The best way to get comfortable with yourself or by being alone in a foreign land is by going out solo in your city. Go out to bars, cafes, events, parties, travel meetups, etc solo to get rid of the fear of being alone.

5) Frugal Living

Frugal living is kind of a lifestyle but you can also practice it as a hobby. Instead of becoming obsessed with your personal finances (which can actually be good if done only for a few days or weeks), you can get the finances handled in any one area of your life.?

For instance, if you haven’t paid off the credit card debt, make a plan to do so in the next 6-8 months. Frugality also helps you travel the world with very less or no money at all.

6) Working Out

Wished you could cover more counties the last time you went to Europe or Asia? Tiredness and fatigue are things that most Instagram travel photographers do not talk about. They are more interested in getting you excited about the good side or the pros of traveling. You can travel for a longer duration and also more frequently by working out and training your body during the offseason.


Travel doesn’t have to be arduous. It’s one of those things that most people do it as a leisure. There are some great places in and around the United States and you don’t need any special skills to visit those. But things change when you are in some Asian or African nations. This is why you should always be prepared to face whatever comes your way. 

5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Trip to Southeast Asia


Whether you are interested in visiting a mass tourist place or secluded beach with nobody else present except you, Southeast Asia is diverse enough to leave you to feel satisfied at the end of the trip. Most backpackers do not explore Southeast Asia to its full extent. They miss out visiting places and performing activities that could make their trip even more memorable. Being said that, there are some precautions you must take as some of the countries here have rules and regulations which are unheard of in the west.

Here are the 5 do’s and don’ts for a successful trip to Southeast Asia

1. Do: Visit countries other than Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia

Everyone knows how popular Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia is the number of western backpackers and vacationers. Cheap and delicious food, good transportation and breathtaking locations make them the first choice for a first-time traveler. But, you are missing out by not visiting other countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Contrary to popular belief, these countries are not expensive at all. Apart from their rich culture and nature, here, you will find the cheapest and healthiest street food.

2. Don’t: Visit places where tourists outnumber the locals


There are places in Southeast Asia that are being flooded with tourists from the US, Australia, and Europe. To make the most of your time and money, avoid visiting such places. Namely, Bali, Bintan Island, Khao San Road(Bangkok), Pattaya and many more. MonkeyRockWorld a list of places to avoid in Southeast Asia.

3. Do: Always wear a helmet while riding a bike

Whether you are in the driving seat or not, always wear a helmet while riding a bike. Motorbikes and scooters are very popular in places like Vietnam and Indonesia. They can be rented for cheap and you don’t need to have a local driving license. Hence, a lot of tourists prefer riding them. Without wearing a helmet, your trip to Southeast Asia can easily turn into a disaster. If met with an accident, you could suffer serious head injuries. Or get jailed if caught by the traffic police(wearing a helmet is mandatory by law in Vietnam).

4. Don’t: Carry too much cash in your pocket

There are a couple of reasons behind it. First, the currency conversion rates in Southeast Asia are way too high. Secondly, you could get mugged if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Places like Mindanao and Jolo province are considered the most dangerous in the Philippines. Also, the borders between Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are considered unsafe to travel with cash in your pocket.

5. Don’t: Get involved in drugs

Drugs are another thing you should be aware of while traveling in Southeast Asia. Countries in Southeast Asia have the worst drug laws. You could be jailed for years or also hanged if caught with illegal drugs. Particularly, at the airport. You should also know that Yaba and Crystal meth are two drugs responsible for the death of thousands of people each year. The police have seized millions of pills in the rural regions of China, Laos, and Vietnam.


Traveling in Southeast Asia is not just about street food, exotic beaches and experiencing a crazy nightlife. You safely and security should also be your primary concern. By following the do’s and don’t list in the post, you can make sure you return home happy and satisfied.

Buying a Used Car? What if it was used as an Uber/Lyft before?

used car

Are you willing to risk $4000-$8000 by buying a beat-up car that was previously used as an Uber/Lyft cab? No sane person would ever purchase such a car unless they are getting it for dirt-cheap or they are not aware of the prices.

used car

With the rise of cab companies like Uber and Lyft, car owners are renting out their cars to cab drivers who work for these companies. To work for such a company, all you need is a driving license and no previous criminal record.

Due to this, user car buyers have to perform an additional inspection to find out whether the car they are buying is worth the price or not. There is no point in buying a car that has 30,000 miles a year.

What signs should I look for before buying a used car?

1. Look at the mileage of the vehicle

No car owner is going to drive more than 30,000 miles a year unless he/she has offered his car to a cab company like Uber/Lyft. It is very common for a cab to cover more than 30,000 miles a year. It runs all day 24×7.

Secondly, the Odometer readings are also not a good measure of the distance the car has covered. Some car sellers roll back the Odometer ratings using sly tactics. Make sure you get the Odometer inspected by an experienced mechanic to find out whether it was replaced with a new one.

2. Wear and tear

This is the second clear sign that will immediately tell you whether the car you are about to buy used to be an Uber/Lyft. No car used for personal use is going to have massive wear and tear on the back seats. This will only happen when the car had hundreds of passenger(per week) traveling in it.

A clever car seller may replace the seat cover, so make sure you check the seats inside out. The door handles and the gear knob also wears a bit with constant usage of the car. Check that too!

3. Sticker residue on windshields

This might work if the seller forgets to remove the sticker residue from the windshield and doors of the car. Every Uber/Lyft cab is required to put stickers with the company logo on the different parts of the car like windshield, door, trunk, etc. It is not easy to take them off from the car and some car owners intentionally leave them on. Especially, the ones on the doors and trunk, as they can scrape off the paint as well, making the car look uglier.

Does it make sense to buy a (previously used as an Uber/Lyft) car for Uber/Lyft?

It absolutely does make sense to buy a used car for Uber/Lyft. Why would you spend thousands of dollars to buy a decent car to be used by a cab company? To make good profits, buy something like a used Honda or Toyota which you can easily get for less than $2000 on AutoTrader. The less money you invest, the more profits you will make from your Uber/Lyft business.