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Cheap Lodging Options While on a US Road Trip

road trip

Whether you are aiming to cover the “Route 66” or “The Road To Nowhere”, it is never a great idea to spend huge sums on expensive hotels or lodges. Accommodation, being is the second biggest expense on a US road trip, should not be taken lightly. If you are planning a US road trip, make sure you plan ahead and ... Read More »

Cheapest Countries for an American Backpacker to Travel in 2020


Do you wish to travel the world someday? Don’t know which country to start with? Unlike Europeans, Americans do not traditionally backpack all over the world. Usually, an American would travel within their own country or visit South American nations; but rarely Europe or Asia. The reason being, the airfare for traveling over the Atlantic is too high. However, there ... Read More »

6 Hobbies That’ll Make You Better at Travel


I get it. Traveling is not something you can learn from a book or a video course. It is an experience and you cannot simulate the same adventure with technology or something else. However, some hobbies make you more energetic and diligent in general. This post is all about hobbies that make you better at travel. Here Are the 6 ... Read More »

5 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Trip to Southeast Asia


Whether you are interested in visiting a mass tourist place or secluded beach with nobody else present except you, Southeast Asia is diverse enough to leave you to feel satisfied at the end of the trip. Most backpackers do not explore Southeast Asia to its full extent. They miss out visiting places and performing activities that could make their trip ... Read More »