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The Yard Sale – Tips For Success

The Yard Sale Garage Sale

This is the time of the year where garage and yard sales signs proliferate on the sides of the roads. The yard sale is a great opportunity to get rid of “stuff” and make some good cash money, at the same time. Spring and early summer are the ideal time to hold a yard sale.The warm weather makes ?it easier ... Read More »

The Wise Dollars Mid-May 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

Mid May Blog Posts

Here?s my Mid May favorite blog posts, a few days late but I suppose better than never! It?s been hectic the last couple of weeks. Actually it?s been hectic the last month and a half. The new job is demanding on time, extremely demanding! Mind you, I?m not complaining. I?m enjoying what I?m doing and although there?s a lot of ... Read More »

Why Budgeting Will Change Your Life

This is a guest post from Kevin Watts who runs his own blog, Graduating from Debt. Kevin is an extremely talented writer and if you haven’t read any of his articles, you owe it to?yourself?to visit his blog. ?You are no doubt familiar with the saying “more month than money” and probably relate to it only too well. The seemingly ... Read More »

Tax Reform 2013 Make Your Opinion Count

I’m pretty sure that anyone that reads this blog can agree with me on one thing. The tax code as it is written today in the United States is broken. Personally, I think it’s broken beyond repair and is in need of a complete overhaul beyond simple tax reform, but I’ll take?whatever?they can give us. The complexity and built in ... Read More »

Money Saving Tips to Survive the Financial Crisis

The following is a guest post from guest?contributor?Martha Beck on saving to survive a financial crisis and the benefits of saving money. If you would like to contribute an article to The Wise Dollar, please email me via the contact form. It is no hidden fact that money makes the world go round. If you are financially strong, you have ... Read More »