Cheapest Countries for an American Backpacker to Travel in 2020


Do you wish to travel the world someday? Don’t know which country to start with?

Unlike Europeans, Americans do not traditionally backpack all over the world. Usually, an American would travel within their own country or visit South American nations; but rarely Europe or Asia. The reason being, the airfare for traveling over the Atlantic is too high. However, there are some countries, even in Europe and Asia, where the expenses are so less, you won’t feel even a small dent on your wallet.


Here Are the 6 Cheapest Countries for an American Backpacker to Travel in 2020

1) Mexico 

Mexico is not only close by from the United States, but it is also one of those countries where an American is not harassed or heckled for money. Visit Mexico if you are interested in exploring the ancient Mayan culture. Even today, the ancient architecture is perfectly preserved by the locals. However, the food here is a bit pricey than other South American countries.?

2) Thailand 

Want to stay in a country where a wholesome meal for one costs less than $2? If yes, then Thailand is the best place for you. Domestic beer in Bangkok will cost you just $ 2.65. Transportation is even quite cheaper. While in Thailand, you can expect to see lush jungles, mountains, amazing beaches and friendly people everywhere. Thailand comes first for most first-time backpackers wanting to experience Asia.

3) Nepal

Interested in temples and monuments? Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal with backpackers flooding in from all around the world. From November to February, each year, this city is filled with travelers wanting to experience Nepalese culture. You can also go hiking or just admire the mesmerizing beauty of the countryside areas. Food expenses are quite similar to that of Thailand but accommodation is way cheaper.

4) Cuba

Cuba is another Latin American country in the list of cheap countries to travel for an American. A wholesome meal for one in a city like Havana will cost you a mere $5. While traveling from one city to another city can be done within a dollar. It’s literally free of cost.?

5) Spain

When it comes to backpacking in Europe, Spain comes first to my mind. From spicy and delicious food to Flamenco music, Spain has a lot to offer. You don’t have to worry about travel expenses in Spain. As a tourist, you can have a great time soaking some sunshine on the beaches itself. Since it is a developed nation, expenses like food or commute is a bit more than that of Asian or South American countries.?

6) Dominican Republic

The last one on the list Dominican Republic is a paradise for surfers and beach lovers. Like Americans, people here too love baseball. A huge number of players in the American Baseball League come from this country. So, expect to bump into some baseball player here. Expense-wise, this country is quite similar to Cuba. Food and commute are very cheap.


I hope the above post helps you understand the real value of travel in Europe and Asia. Barring airfare, there is not really much to worry about. So, next time you make travel plans, do not forget to add one of the above-mentioned countries to your list.

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