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The Most Important Principles of IRA Investing for Retirement

IRA investing

A self-directed IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement) gives you many more investment options than an employer-contributed 401k. You can buy individual stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and alternatives like gold and silver. With more options available, you should talk to a financial advisor about meeting your investment goals, but a few tips can help you get started on a plan. Asset allocation ... Read More »

How do I evaluate my Portfolio?s Performance Compared to Averages?

The success of the portfolio cannot be determined based on its returns. There have been ways to evaluate the performance of a collection in the past. None have the design that considers both risks and returns simultaneously. Ever since 1960s investors have either found the risk or the basis has been the returns. There are specific ways one can think ... Read More »

4 Tips to Get Ahead of Credit Card Debt

credit card

?Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe?. Whether or not the world?s most famous scientist, Albert Einstein actually said this remains up for debate. However, the fact of the matter is; compound interest is indeed one of the strongest forces in the world. So strong in fact that it has the capability to make or break a ... Read More »

How to Build your Mutual Fund?

Before we think of building our mutual funds, it is essential to know what mutual funds are. Having a clear understanding is necessary for a successful investment in mutual funds. A lot of individual stocks together make up mutual funds. The portfolio manager buys and sells your shares on your behalf when you invest in mutual funds. The expenses of ... Read More »

Financial Tips for Stay at Home Parents

Stay on Top of Your Finances

If you?re a new parent, or soon to be one, you?re probably wondering about when to return to the workforce. For a lot of parents, going back to work is out of the question. You?d much rather spend time bonding with your little one than sitting at a desk all day ? even if it’s just for the first couple ... Read More »