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Do You Have An Asset Protection Strategy In Place?

Asset Protection

Asset ProtectionYou’ve worked hard, have been frugal, paid off your debt and have started to accumulate assets. Your net worth is in positive territory and your feeling pretty good about you’re overall financial state. Financial Independence seems like it may be right around the corner!

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Beware of New Credit Card Surcharges as of January 27 2013

Credit Card Fees

Credit Card Fees

Starting today, January 27th 2013 merchants will be allowed to add a credit card surcharge of up to 4% to all credit card purchases. This stems from a settlement between Visa, Mastercard as well as nine major banks and major retailers.

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Creating a Budget – How to Budget

Budgeting How To Budget

How To BudgetSetting up a budget is one of the first steps that anyone need to take on the road to financial independence (Staying with it is another post altogether). If you haven’t set up a budget for yourself, now is a good time to do so. Creating a budget for yourself shouldn’t?take long. It can be as simple as jotting down a list of your monthly expenses and income streams Read more

Investing For Financial Independence – Part Two – Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds
Investing Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds

In part two of investing for financial independence I’m going to cover some of the?more basic investments that a novice investor may be considering. Being an investor in the stock market, mutual funds, bonds or other investment vehicles?shouldn’t?be an intimidating experience. I’d like to take the mystery out of these investment types with this primer so that you can become an informed investor on your path towards financial independence. Read more

7 Tips for setting Financial Goals in 2013

Financial Goal Setting for 2013

My Personal 2013 Goals

I hope that most, if not all of you have set some personal financial goals for 2013. Setting goals is an important part of any financial strategy aimed at financial independence. I learned this the hard way when I first attempted to set a strategy for my self to eliminate my personal debt. Two years went by and although each year saw me marginally better in terms of what I owed than the last there?weren’t?any significant or major dents in my debt. So what went wrong? One of the main things that went wrong was that I?didn’t?set any goals for what I wanted to accomplish that year in terms of retiring debt.

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