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How to Grow Your Business Without Investors

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Facebook, Apple, and Coca-Cola all became household names without the help of angel investors or venture capitalists. But, can you? Absolutely. Outside help can add a new level of funding and credence to your business, but that comes at a price. You’re giving up a share of your business and your decision-making ability. For those who prefer to “bootstrap it” ... Read More »

Importance of Hiring an Internal Auditor in Your Growing Business

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Internal auditing is an independent operation that is developed and executed in-house by a company to provide quality and compliance checks. Internal auditors are responsible for this job. Although traditionally, internal auditors focused primarily on accounting and finance, their role has evolved to include other responsibilities within an organisation. In growing your business, you will have to work with more ... Read More »

5 Key Ingredients Needed for Growth in Business

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Your business is destined to grow. It’s an organic process. There are certain ingredients you need to add to hasten its growth and ensure its survival. Below are five ingredients guaranteed to make your business grow. 1. A good relationship with your customers Your relationship with your customers will make or mar your business growth. To grow your business, you ... Read More »

How To Reduce Hosting Costs Without Sacrificing Quality


Consumers today do the majority of their shopping online. Therefore, businesses need to optimize their online presences if they want to continue to profit. In order to even begin establishing themselves online, businesses need to invest in web hosting plans that do not exceed their budgets. As a business owner yourself, you might be struggling to find a provider who can offer ... Read More »