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Getting Things Done Online vs Offline

Online vs offline

Change is about the only constant we can expect in our dynamic world. Decades ago, seemingly sci-fi concepts like videoconferencing communication in real-time, flying cars, hover boards, private space travel, digital currency, online payments, and search engines were the musings of wacky scientists, fiction writers, and filmmakers. Today, these oddities are driving global enterprise and have effectively become the new ... Read More »

5 Ideas on Small Businesses

business idea

Nowadays, with technology and the rising costs of living, a nine-to-five job is not enough. You may be a father who wants to supplement his income to cover your household needs or a mother who wants to help out with the expenses while juggling the responsibilities of running a household and raising the children. You may be someone who is ... Read More »

Why Don’t Non-Profit Organizations Need to Pay Taxes?

Non-profit organizations are defined as an organization that is designed to provide a service without necessarily earning an income. Those that fall under this category may include religion, charities, volunteer groups, volunteer labor groups, professional associations, political organizations, and college/research institutes. There are also some government agencies whose purpose is not to generate profits. But to become a non-profit in ... Read More »

Getting the Most from Your HR Team

Getting the Most from Your HR Team

Behind any happy workforce there is a dedicated HR team checking that everything is running as it should be. As well as managing all of the crucial logistical elements, such as creating contracts and running payroll, this department also has the important duty of being the support system for each individual with the wider team. Any business, big or small, ... Read More »

How to Ask for a Raise at Work (and Get it!)

How to Ask for a Raise at Work (and Get it!)

You work hard. You’ve been nailing it. Clients love you and you’ve brought in some great new accounts. You were just handed some new responsibility. You are going places. The one obstacle in your way is that you don’t feel you are being compensated correctly for your current responsibilities at work. You want a raise. So, how do you go ... Read More »