Cheap Lodging Options While on a US Road Trip

road trip

Whether you are aiming to cover the “Route 66” or “The Road To Nowhere”, it is never a great idea to spend huge sums on expensive hotels or lodges. Accommodation, being is the second biggest expense on a US road trip, should not be taken lightly. If you are planning a US road trip, make sure you plan ahead and be prepared to keep the accommodation expenses as low as possible.?

road trip

Road trip routes like “The Pacific Coast” and “Appalachian Trail” are considered historically significant. There is a lot of pride in putting yourself out there without worrying about food or having a roof over your head at night. Moreover, if you are reading this post, it is likely that you are looking for ways to save money on your road trip as a cross-country road trip could take anywhere between 4-6 weeks.

Here Are a Few Cheap Lodging Options While on a US Road Trip

1) Look for a Motel 6

Motel 6 is a hospitality company with affordable motels all over the United States and Canada. I like how comfortable their rooms are. To locates a Motel 6, either use the Google Maps app on your phone or simply look for a red neon sign while on the road. Usually, they display a discounted price on the red neon sign board. You don’t even have to make a halt to enquire for room rates.

2) Use Coupon Books For Accommodation

A coupon book can come handy when you cross over from one state to another. As you cross over, follow directions to the nearest travel information center. This is where you can ask for a free coupon book for accommodation. A coupon book is state-sponsored; it is not like a regular hotel discount coupon. With a coupon book, you can expect a room for $35-$60 per night.

3) Use Hotel Coupons

Even if you don’t get the opportunity to grab a coupon book for accommodation, there is a lot you can do to get a discounted hotel/motel room for a night. The next best option is to look for a hotel coupon. And, yes, you don’t have to stop at a gas station or a truck station to find one. Simply download a coupon from HotelCoupons or any other website that offers one.

4) Look for an RV Park or Caravan Park

If you are road tripping in a van or a camper vehicle, simply look for an RV park or a caravan park nearby. Most RV Parks are equipped with a facility to hook up water pipeline with your camper vehicle, so you can bathe or perform other chores in the comfort of your vehicle itself. You will even find new and advanced RV parks with a facility to indulge in recreational activities. Generally, these caravan parks charge anywhere from $25 and $80 per night.


The primary purpose of a road trip is to explore the places that you might never have seen before. It is not unusual for people to neglect the beauty there is to see in their homeland. People usually talk about expensive places like Spain and Switzerland but you will be surprised by how sumptuous a road trip in the US can turn out to be.

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