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Financial Independence

Year End Financial Planning

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As the end of the year draws near, it is a good time to make plans to wrap up your finances and look ahead to the next year. There are several things that you should do before the end of the year, and here are six of them. Getting Tax Losses Back If you sold a stock earlier this year ... Read More »

Backing Improved Global Financial Literacy

Financial literacy

Wonga is actively involved in helping to promote an increased standard of financial literacy in South Africa. But although the level of financial literacy is not as high as it needs to be, there are many other countries around the world where financial literacy is even worse. According to a new survey recently completed by Standard and Poor?s, a global ... Read More »

6 Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Personal Finance

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Want to keep in touch with personal finance gurus on Twitter? Twitter plays a key role in connecting industry experts with a common man who without the help of Twitter would never have a chance to chat with them. With the integration of technology with finance, the world of personal finance becomes fickle. It has become imperative to stay in ... Read More »

Turn To A Professional Website For Smarter Stock Trades


All the decisions that we make in life are always based on the experiences that we have had or the experiences of people that we trust. If you look at any turn that you might have taken in your life, you will see that the positive ones have always been based on some kind of experience or influence. When talking ... Read More »

Financial Tips for Stay at Home Parents

Stay on Top of Your Finances

If you?re a new parent, or soon to be one, you?re probably wondering about when to return to the workforce. For a lot of parents, going back to work is out of the question. You?d much rather spend time bonding with your little one than sitting at a desk all day ? even if it’s just for the first couple ... Read More »