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Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

financial goals

I know it?s only November and we haven?t yet had our Thanksgiving turkey in the U.S., but I?ve already started planning what my financial goals for 2015 will be. Lots of people won?t start talking about their goals for the New Year until January, but in my opinion you should start planning now for what you want to accomplish next ... Read More »

Top 5 Tax Tips If You?re Self Employed

Tax Tips

Sometimes being self-employed can feel like a drag because of those quarterly tax bills you have to mail in every few months. But what if you could find a way to bring down your overall income and save money on your tax bill? Believe it or not, it is possible to do both by keeping track of various expenses along ... Read More »

How I Learned to Haggle Prices From Propane


I know it’s expected that people will haggle prices at yard sales, auctions and car dealerships, but I didn’t know until last week that one can haggle prices at nearly any place of business. Here’s how I learned that price haggling doesn’t have to be limited to deals of a personal nature, but that you can haggle prices on just ... Read More »

6 Simple Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Have you ever looked into how much you?re actually paying for car insurance? Sure, you probably know how much you pay into the insurance company each month but are you really saving money on it? If you don?t know the answer to either, then my suggestion is to?start a budget now and also start comparing prices to see how you ... Read More »

How to Have a Pleasant Black Friday Experience

Black Friday

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we all know what happens the very next day: Black Friday! In recent years Black Friday has almost become a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving. Just hours after eating tons of food and saying how thankful we are for everything in our lives, we rush right out to buy more ?stuff? …cough cough crap…cough cough for ... Read More »