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About the Wise Dollar and Financial Independence

Financial IndependenceI’ve been a lifelong devotee to personal finance. Over the years I’ve have accrued knowledge and experience on many aspects of personal finance. There are many insights and techniques to achieving Financial Independence. Being able to share what I’ve learned over the years and more importantly, learning from the experience of others led me to create the Wise Dollar.

The Wise Dollar is intended to be an informative resource where advice, tips and experience on personal finance can be shared, The goal being financial independence. I’m fairly certain that being financially independent is something that many of us dream about but few of us ever achieve. Armed with the right information, many of us can reach that goal. It’s not an easy path, but one that’s worth taking. For those of us that find it a long and difficult journey there are a number of tidbits that we will pick up along the way from here. You should at the very least learn tactics and strategies to manage debt, save for retirement, invest as well as pick up knowledge on other important matters relating to personal finance and financial independence.

There are various personal finance topics that will be covered in The Wise Dollar. Financial Independence, Debt Elimination, Retirement, Budgeting, Investments, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Credit Score are all important topics. They’re especially important to anyone wishing to achieve financial independence. You’ll find that each of these is a category upon itself and that as I post articles on each of them you’ll be able to go back and refer to them as I will be writing them in a “series” format. My hope is that readers will provide useful feedback and share their expertise and experience so that all of us can benefit from the shared knowledge.

This site is for everyone to profit from and to contribute to, whether your in your twenties and just starting out in your career or are in your 50’s and wondering how you’ll put the resources together for a comfortable retirement. I encourage you to share your ideas, experiences and results so that we can all profit from each others successes and failures.

On thing I’ll warn you about in advance. My writing style varies widely. For the most part it’s affected by what I’m writing about. If it’s about personal experiences or other topics that are more personal you may find the prose to (hopefully) be easier to read and perhaps even witty! If it’s technical in nature it will get dry, the more technical, the dryer it will be. So bear with me and as I write more and gain more experience.


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    I just found this blog. You have good stuff.

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