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Buy-to-let 2019 Outlook


Following the 2008 crash that changed the face of the mortgage industry, things are finally on the rise for today?s buy-to-let landlords. The industry has almost made a full recovery. From a high of offering around 3,300 products back in October 2007, there has been a rise back to over 2,000 mortgage products available to choose from today; including over ... Read More »

An Introduction to Bitcoin


Bitcoin is basically a payment system which is based on the peer to peer mechanism. It is a form of the digital currency which was initially introduced in the financial market as open source software. Understanding the concept of the bitcoin The bitcoin first came into vogue in the year 2009. This open source software was initially developed by the ... Read More »

Brand Survival and Recognition Are the Pull-Factors for Investors


When you hear the word branding, the first thing that comes to mind is a logo. However, there are other components essential to completing a successful branding campaign, especially those tailored to brand visibility and acknowledgment. A business needs branding to gain recognition among its often vast competitors. Just as your first impression at a job interview is determined by both ... Read More »