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6 Tips for House Hunting

Looking for a new home can feel like an overwhelming task if you?re not sure where to start first. Fortunately,?there are some things you can do to make finding a home an easier process, and help you avoid some unnecessary mistakes. Here are six tips to help you get started. Determine a Target Price Before talking with your bank, you ... Read More »

5 Ways Not to Overspend as a New College Graduate

college graduate

Graduating college is an exciting time to be sure. You have finally finished your education ? which you started when you were just a small child ? and you get to head out into the real world to get a job and make some real money. While you know that there will be challenges ahead, it is exciting to get ... Read More »

4 Ways to Make Extra Money with Little Skill

extra money

When thinking about how you can earn some extra money in order to make ends meet each month, you might run into one specific problem quite quickly ? a lack of marketable skills. That isn?t to say that you don?t have any skills, but you are probably already using the skills you do have in your regular job. If you ... Read More »

11 Overlooked Expenses when Renting an Apartment

renting an apartment

If you are planning on moving to a new apartment soon, you better plan to have some extra money set aside. Moving can be expensive, especially if you are caught unaware of some of the overlooked expenses of renting an apartment. Here are 11 examples of commonly forgotten expenses of renting an apartment. 1. Moving Fees If you don?t have a ... Read More »