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My Six Thousand Dollar Boat Ride

Boat #3, My $6000 Boat Ride

Boat #3, My $6000 Boat RideThis story begins about sixteen years ago when I first moved to North Carolina from New York. For most of my life I have been an avid Salt Water fisherman and have always yearned to own a boat. Moving to NC presented and opportunity to have some fun with fresh water bass fishing. I did that with a vengeance! I was at the lakes three or four times a week, learning the ropes and generally having a blast with this new aspect of a sport I have loved all Read more

My Mortgage Refinance Experience with Roundpoint Mortgage

Refinance Mortgage

Refinance MortgageBeing?immersed?in the personal finance blog community?over?the last several months, I?couldn’t?help being exposed to the thought that now might be a good time to refinance my mortgage. It’s something I have studiously avoided in the past. It seems that as hard as I try, I can never get a true “no closing cost” loan and end up increasing the amount I owe on my mortgage by a few thousand dollars, which irks me to no end. I like to watch my debt balance go down, not up! ? Read more

The Wise Dollars Mid-April 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

Mid April Favorite Blog ArticlesIt’s been a long and busy week for me. Starting a new job with a trip to Vegas sounds like fun, and it was! But it also meant that my time was programmed during the day and the evenings were typically spent with clients. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t spent been commenting much on other blog sites. I’m way behind the curve on comments, but I’ve been doing my best to keep up with the reading! Here are some of my favorites from the first half of April. Read more

A Quirky Way To Market An Idea

Quirky Idea Ear Buds
A Quirky Idea

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Have you ever had an idea for something new? A revolutionary new gadget, or a significant improvement to something that was already out there? Have you tried to take it to Market? If you have, you know that taking an idea for a new product to market is a complex maze. There’s intellectual property you have to protect, prototyping of products, finding a manufacturer to produce it and the marketing and selling of it that all have to be addressed. Of course there are “Invention Marketing” Companies that will? gladly charge you an arm and a leg to do all of that for you. Many of them will take your money, send you a few updates and then disappear.

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The Wise Dollars Keyboard Musings – First Edition

The Wise Dollar Keyboard MusingsI decided that I need to post some random musings on a periodic basis. Updates, mini rants, interesting blog notes. These are all things I want to write about but don’t necessarily want to do an entire post on. I won’t be putting these out on a set schedule, so don’t look for them?regularly. Once in a while, when you least expect it, and when I’ve got a bunch of stuff to say, a WiseDollar musing will be spawned! Read more