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5 Simple Ways to Make Extra Money Anyone Can Do

Make Extra Money

3885114485_e886e998d1_zDon?t make the mistake of thinking that only people with specialized skills or advanced degrees can make extra money ? when in fact, anyone with motivation and the right work ethic can find ways to put some extra cash in their pockets.

While you might not get rich while employing any of the strategies below, they can make it a little easier to pay your bills each month. Dedicate yourself to finding a couple of successful methods of making extra money and your bank account will soon start to look a whole lot healthier.

Look Within

Your efforts to make extra money should always start with the job you already have. It is usually easier to make extra money from a job you currently hold than it is to find another part-time gig. Ask your boss if there are more hours available or extra projects that you can work on in order to increase your salary. Also, don?t be afraid to simply ask for a raise for the work you are already doing. If you do a good job and have a solid history with the company, a raise may be a very reasonable expectation.

Help Your Neighbors

One of the oldest methods of making extra money is still relevant today, and it doesn?t have to be reserved for teenagers. Ask your neighbors if they need any help with outdoor chores such as mowing the lawn or washing cars. This is a nice way to make some extra cash, help out your neighborhood, and spend some more time outside.

Make Extra Money in Your Free Time

If you’re busy already, it might be difficult to find ways to make extra money. Don’t let that hold you back. Even if you’re busy there are ways to make extra cash through simple tasks like using a specific search engine or through your normal online shopping.?None of these options will allow you to get rich quick, but they will allow you to earn a little extra spending money.

Check out some of the options below, some starting out with an additional $5 sign-up bonus:

Share a Skill

Do you have a talent in a specific field that others would like to learn? Consider giving lessons on the side to make extra money. For example, if you know how to play guitar, you could offer guitar lessons out of your home for a small fee. This would allow you to teach something you love while making money at the same time.

Advertise on Your Car

If you are driving around town anyway, you may as well get paid at the same time. 😉 There are services available online that connect businesses who wish to advertise with private vehicle owners willing to place the marketing on their cars. Of course, you will have to be okay with placing advertising on your vehicle, but the prospect of making easy money may make that worth your while. Browse around online to find various options and see if any of them are a good fit for you and your vehicle.


Have you tried any of these methods to make extra money? Did they work? What other ways have you earned extra money??



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4 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Costs

back to school

431735518_eb07328984_zEven though it feels like the summer just started a few days ago, it?s almost time for back to school shopping.

As a kid, I LOVED back to school shopping. There?s something about the new notebooks, binders, pens, and pencils that almost made the beginning of the school year feel more like a fresh start than spring or even New Year?s Day. While I loved shopping for school supplies back then (and I still do now too!), what I loved even more than that was shopping for new school clothes.

Now that I?m an adult, I can see how this time of year might be extra stressful for parents as they have to shell out quite a bit of money for new school supplies, clothes, and other school fees for their children. The cost of all of these things can really add up, especially if you have more than one kid to buy things for. Luckily there are a few ways you can reduce the impact of back to school shopping on your wallet. Here are four of them.

Assess True Needs

It?s true that kids grow really, really fast- but that doesn?t necessarily mean that they need a whole new wardrobe every school year. There were times that my brother and I basically got all new clothes, but there were also years that we got 3-4 new things. It just depended on how much we had that still fit us. Before shopping for school clothes you also need to think about how much quantity you truly need. Does your kid need a few new pairs of jeans, or can they get by with what they still have from last year ?

On the school supply side of things, look at what they have left over from last year that can still be used. Lots of times my notebooks were not completely used up so my parents didn?t buy five new ones, even if that?s how many were on the school supply list from the teacher. Instead they bought 2-3 and I had to use up the ones I had from the year before too.

Look for Bargains

Finding bargains on school supplies is pretty easy, nearly every store that carries school supplies will have them on sale this time of year. Though I think one of the best ways to buy back to school supplies is [easyazon_link keywords=”back to school supplies” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”wisedollar-20″]buying them from Amazon[/easyazon_link] to make things easier. That being said, finding school clothes at a discount can be a little more difficult as you never really know how good a deal the sale really is at a clothing store.

By watching advertised prices on things you know you?ll need, like jeans, for a few weeks you can get a good idea of when they are at their lowest price.

Buy Used

Another strategy to use when shopping for school clothes is to buy used. You can scout out good deals at garage sales and yard sales throughout the summer months and then hit a thrift store to do as much of the remaining school clothes shopping you have left as possible.

Utilize Hand-Me-Downs

There were some years that the majority of my school clothes were hand-me-downs from my older cousins or friends. I didn?t care, for the most part, that the clothes were used. I was just excited to have new things to wear in my everyday wardrobe.

My brother probably got even more hand-me-downs than I did because he used clothes and toys after I had out grown them – assuming they weren’t too girly of course. 🙂



Will you be doing any back to school shopping this year? Have you used any of these strategies to save on back to school shopping? What other ways can you think of to save on back to school shopping?



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How to Reduce Moving Costs


cardboard-467819_1280Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful activities a human being can go through. To put it more accurately, moving to a new house is?one of the more stressful activities a middle class family can perform, and it can be hard on your health?and your children?too.

No matter what your situation for moving, the sheer breadth of things to do during a move is enough to make you tear your hair out.

You?ll have to change your mailing address at tons of places, pack away all your worldly belongings, hire a moving company and then unpack everything all over again when you arrive at your new home. You’ll have to clean your current home after you leave and your new home before you begin unpacking. Some things will likely get misplaced and sometimes things break too.

More than the temporary stress, however, another major factor looms ? the price of moving to a new house. Moving to a new house can cost an astronomical amount of money, even if you aren’t moving very far away.

With that in mind, we?ve come up with a few ways you can keep moving costs as low as possible.

Move by Mail

Moving crews and vans can be expensive, and a few of the cheaper variants are known for their rough handling of fragile goods. Just think of the scene in Manhattan where Woody Allen is moving house. One by one, over a George Gershwin soundtrack, removal men throw boxes around with abandon, smashing everything in their wake.

While most aren?t quite so caricatured, you?ll feel better moving your smaller items with another, safer method.

Whether you plan to send a parcel to China or Zimbabwe, an effective courier will help you move your delicate items through the secure system of the mail.

Maybe you want to move jewelry or a music box, some irreplaceable heirloom you couldn?t bear to lose. Either way, a courier could help you move your precious items.

Cut Price Agents

Estate agents are, by most accounts, an expensive bunch. But unlike a number of other businesses, their prices aren?t set in stone.

Some agents will charge up to 2% of the value of your new property, lining their pockets with a bunch of your hard-earned money.

Don?t be frightened to haggle with your agent and save yourself some money. If you don?t feel they?ve earned their wage, you?re well within your rights to give them less.

Chuck Your Junk

Why hire a multitude of removal vans to move objects you?re going to declutter when you unpack in your new home anyway? You might as well set money on fire and throw it in the bin.

Instead, declutter before you pack up and move to your new house. You’ll have more room in your new place, less to pack, and less to pay for.

Moving houses can be a stressful time for you and your family. But with these money-saving tips, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.



Have you ever moved houses? How did you save on moving costs?


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6 Bills You Can Easily Cut Today


357334593_7bc301a093_zEverybody would love to get rid of their bills. In fact, it would be ideal to get rid of all of your bills ? but that just isn?t going to happen. What you can do, however, is reduce the number of bills you have to pay each month in order to lessen the total expenses that you carry. Even by eliminating a few small bills you can wind up saving thousands of dollars over the course of a year.

Here is a list of six bills that you might be able to cut and to save you money every month.

#1 ? Gym Membership

When was the last time you used that gym membership? If your gym ID card is gathering dust in your wallet, you probably don?t need to keep paying dues each month. However, that doesn?t mean that you need to give up on physical fitness at the same time. There are plenty of ways to exercise for free that can help you stay in shape while saving you money along the way. Seeing as the average American wastes $39 per month on gym memberships?this is an easy bill to cut.

#2 ? Redundant Entertainment

Everyone enjoys having some form of entertainment available to them, but there is no sense in paying for the same thing from different providers. For example, if you have cable service in your home but also pay for a streaming service like Netflix, you are spending more money than you need to each month. Take a close look at the services and decide which one can be cut back or eliminated. Chances are it’s the cable bill that needs to go. When you combine services like Netflix or the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00GDQ0RMG” locale=”US” nw=”y” tag=”wisedollar-20″ cart=”y” popups=”y”]Amazon Fire TV Stick[/easyazon_link] you can likely save a significant amount of money each month.

#3 ? Grocery Bill

Obviously you can?t eliminate your grocery bill, but you can certainly go a long way toward reducing it. A large portion of your monthly budget is directed toward food, so shopping smarter and saving 10-15% could reduce your total expenditure dramatically. Shop for sales and don?t waste food and you will quickly find that your grocery costs have come down.

#4 ? Subscription Services

The Internet has led to a boom in subscription services, whether it is information such as a digital magazine or physical goods that are sent to your house each month. While they might sound like a good idea when you sign up, these subscription services almost always cost you more money than they are worth. Cancel your subscriptions and only buy things when you need them ? that is the best way to control your budget.

#5 ? Cell Phone Bills

This is another expense that you probably can?t get rid of because cell phones have become an integral part of modern life. However, you should be able to lower your cell phone bill by shopping for a plan that is suited to your needs. More and more providers are offering customized plans, so look around for a deal that meets your demands for minutes and data while also fitting your budget. You can even get service for as low as $5 per month with Republic Wireless – that’s tough to beat!

#6 ? Utilities

Are you good about turning off lights when you leave a room? How about setting the furnace so that you are only heating the house when you actually need to? Simply by optimizing your use of utilities, you can save a relatively good amount off those expenses every month. It might not seem like a lot at first, but you will be surprised at how much of an effect these good habits can have in the long run.



Have you already cut these bills? How did you cut them? What are some other bills you think can simply be cut each month?



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The Quick Guide to Making Profit by Selling Tickets Online


tickets-1040cs053012Selling sports, concert, or theater tickets online for profit can make you extra money. It also provides an excellent opportunity to be your own boss while you work from the comfort of your home. Through online ticket brokers like Ticketbis, you can become an effective and profitable ticket reseller, if you’re willing to put in the work.

It only requires a few simple steps: study the business and get to know how it works, buy your tickets at a low price, sell them at higher prices online and get paid. Here is a brief guide on how to sell tickets online.

Get Familiar With the Process and Regulations

Before you begin to sell event tickets online, it is vital to know the rules governing this business in your city or state. The regulations vary from state to state. However one way to sell tickets profitably without violating state rules or being hampered by stiff regulations, is to work with online brokers. One of the leading online brokers is Ticketbis. After you have registered as a member, this company allows you to post your tickets on their website for free. Thereafter, they expose the tickets to over 100,000 clients who do business with them regularly. Their system is secure and they protect the seller and buyer of the tickets. Popular event tickets can get sold within 48 hours or less on Ticketbis. So you can be sure that you will enjoy quick sales when you use their platform to sell your tickets.

Know the Tickets to Buy and How to Get Them Very Cheap

Start by focusing on a band, team or artist you know quite well. If they have a popular following, it’s possible you’ll sell the tickets rather quickly. Focus on the reasons why their events are a huge success and why their followers are always willing to pay a premium to be at their events. Then do some research and find out the best way to buy their tickets very early at the lowest prices possible. One way to do is by buying pre-sale tickets. You should also let all your friends, associates and fans know that you sell tickets. This will enable you to buy up any of their unused tickets at a good price and resell them online.

Study Ticket Prices and Know When to Post

To make money?from this business, you need to know when to post your tickets online. Study all the major ticket broker websites and discover how the ticket prices of your target events change as the date draws nearer. You should also study the prices of various seats at the event. The prices of the seats close to the stage are always more expensive than other positions so they usually generate more profit.

You can also use a keyword tracking tool to discover how people are searching for tickets for the events your are interested in on any search engine. Then you can schedule the posting of your tickets to match the season when they are either in high demand (to achieve fast sales) or to match the period when the tickets are scarce and the prices are very high ? to obtain maximum profit.

That was a concise guide on how to sell tickets online. If you are passionate about the artists, team, band, sport, or events whose tickets you will be promoting, you will soon discover that you are on your way to earning consistent income and profit as a ticket reseller.