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Sequestration – Let it Come – Here’s Why

Sequestration Vault

Sequestration VaultBased on the dire warnings from our leaders in the U.S. government, you would think the end of the world is at hand. Maybe it is, for them! I started this as an informative post but quickly realized that it was as much a rant as anything else. My rant is NOT because there will most likely be a sequestration. It’s more about what the leadership is telling the citizens of the U.S. Read more

Estate Planning – Our Return From Miami

Estate Planning Flamingo

Estate Planning FlamingoWell, we’re back from Miami and have made a few strides in my Dad’s late, but necessary, estate planning. Actually, it’s a lot more than estate planning at this point we’re looking at hiring a cleaning service and working with their doctors to see about home health care. I guess you could just as well categorize our activities as elder care or elder law. Read more

The Bull Market – Are You Running with the Bulls or with the Lemmings?

Bull Market

Bull MarketThe first two months of 2013 have seen the bull market in full swing. Day after day there have been outstanding gains in the market and it appears that there is a significant amount of ?money flowing into equities. While driving down to Florida last Friday I listened to some of the financial channels and all they could talk about was the influx of money entering the equities market Read more

Investing in Stocks and Fundamental Analysis – An Introduction

fundamental analysisHere’s another in a series of posts to help introduce the novice to the basics of investing in the Stock market. If you are an experienced Investor or have knowledge of the markets Read more

Estate Planning – It’s Never Too Early

Estate Planning - Jose and FerminaWe spent most of last Friday driving from North Carolina to Miami, Florida. That was a 15 hour butt numbing drive with a few stops for food and recirculation (of the legs and?behinds). Read more