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5 Benefits to Living on a Budget

living on a budget

When you think about living on a budget, you probably don?t picture a very exciting lifestyle. You might think that you will just be sitting around watching?TV, wishing you could be out doing things with family and friends. But that doesn?t have to be the case at all! Living on a budget doesn?t mean you can never spend a single ... Read More »

5 Cool Tech Tools To Help You Save Money

save money

Saving money can be hard. It?s hard to create a budget and stick to it diligently each month.?We all know you have to save money?in order to pay down debt and reach your financial goals. But, there are resources that can help you save money. If you’re old school, you can use reference books as well as financial planners to ... Read More »

4 Simple Ways to Start Paying Off Debt

paying off debt

Nobody likes to be in debt. It is hard to think about anything else when you know that your bills are piling up and you have no way to start paying off debt in a timely manner. Not only will you spend a fortune in interest charges while trying to get out of debt, but you will also rack up ... Read More »

Financial Benefits of Multi-Generational Living

multi-generational living

Family trends are changing in America. These days, more young adults are living at home after college. Plus a larger share of the aging population is moving in with their kids too. The label multi-generational living is starting to become a household term. There are many reasons why multi-generational living has become?more popular. Things like a weak economy, a shortage ... Read More »

5 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Yourself

home improvement

Home improvement projects can be fun ? but they are almost always expensive. Good materials are not cheap, and you might even have to buy new tools in order to complete the work properly. However, there are actually a few potential home improvement jobs hiding around your home that can be handled on a reasonable budget. If you would like ... Read More »