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How I’m Using Travel as Motivation to Pay Off Debt

pay off debt

I just got back from a cross-country trip to visit one of my friends last week and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted. Travel really takes it out of me and if I’ve learned anything about myself by traveling it’s that I have to schedule some down-time in my planner for the day after I get back. ... Read More »

4 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Travel

Holiday travel

As the holidays draw near, you might be making travel plans to see your loved ones who live in another state – or even another country. While it can be a little bit of a hassle to travel at holiday time, it is certainly worth it to be able to spend time with the people you care about. Of course, ... Read More »

4 Simple Ways to Save Money for Travel


Travel is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I hear about my friends and extended family going on amazing summer vacations, and I’ll admit it – I’m a little jealous. I’m still here living the day-to-day grind to pay off my debt and I know that’s important, but I’d rather be saving money for travel. Other than attending ... Read More »

3 Staycation Ideas That Don’t Suck


In recent years, the idea of a ‘staycation’ is one that has gained more and more popularity. The concept is simple – instead of taking time off work and heading out of town for a few days, you take that time off and then stay home while doing fun things near where you live. This allows you to save money ... Read More »

5 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Save Money

Taking a vacation is one of the best parts of the year for many families – that is, if they can afford one. If you are looking forward to taking a trip but want to make sure you don’t break your budget at the same time, it is helpful to plan ahead and use some simply money-saving strategies. You want to ... Read More »