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Some Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019


Although this year has been a pretty insane year for cryptocurrencies and no doubt 2018 will have a few surprises left in store, we already have our eyes set on 2019. Although not as eventful as the previous year, which saw heavy-hitters like Bitcoin and Ethereum skyrocket in value, prompting a global gold rush and quickly making cryptocurrencies one of ... Read More »

6 Advantages of CFD Trading for Financial Investors

CFD trading

Image: Pixabay.com Contracts for difference (CFDs) offer an increasingly attractive alternative to financial investors instead of physically investing in stocks, commodities, indices and bonds. A CFD is a derivative form of financial trading. Investors that wish to ?buy? or ?sell? a CFD place an order with a broker. This order is a binding contract to exchange the difference in the ... Read More »

Penny-Pinching Poker: How To Play Poker On A Budget


“Poker“?(CC BY-SA 2.0)?by?susmit_s As much as we?d like to, not all of us can turn up to poker games like high rollers ready to spend thousands of dollars on a whim. Sure, that?d be a lot of fun but as the average UK household earns?around ?68 per week?to spend on recreational activities, that?s simply not a possibility for many of ... Read More »

5 Proven Ways to Save Money

Save Money

Did you know: over half of Canadian millennials have less than $1,000 in savings? Of course, you?ll want to be a part of the other half who are getting ahead financially. But first, you?ll have to learn how to save money. Fortunately, the financial experts at LendingArch are here to help and together we?ve listed 5 proven ways to save ... Read More »