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8 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

date night

It?s not hard to go out for a date night and come back with your pockets a little lighter, especially if you stick to a traditional night out with a meal out and then an activity. Sometimes your pockets might end up a whole lot lighter! Sure, you probably have a few standard, less expensive date night alternatives that you ... Read More »

4 Overlooked Ways to Pay Off Debt

pay off debt

If you are carrying a significant amount of debt, you probably have thought about a million different ways in which you could pay off those bills. It can be difficult to make ends meet while also trying to pay off debt, so the challenge may seem impossible from time to time. However, it can be done, as long as you ... Read More »

3 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Invest in Forex

While the average daily trading volumes are always likely to fluctuate in any market, those in the foreign exchange remain relatively consistent. This market is also home to the highest level of daily trading activity, with an estimated $5 trillion exchanged over the course of a typical, 24-hour period. With daily trading volumes reaching regular peaks of $5.29 trillion, the ... Read More »

4 Ways to Save Money Furnishing Your Home

save money

Although being a homeowner isn’t all fun and games, one of the things I was most excited about when I became a homeowner was being able to paint, furnish, and decorate my home however I wanted. Prior to buying my home, I had lived on my own for two years already, but I was in college with almost no money ... Read More »

5 Things to Avoid in College that Will Keep You Debt Free

There?s something about the financial struggle of a college student that can make you learn how to get creative. However, sometimes students creativity can get them into financial trouble. When you leave college, chances are you?ll already have enough?student loan debt to occupy your bank account for a few years. That bill is hefty enough, and you don?t want to ... Read More »