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Is Becoming A Stock Broker The Right Career Path For You?

Stock Broker

Working in the financial industry can be a very profitable career choice. Any finance-related career will mean it’ll be that much easier to manage your own finances as you will have advanced knowledge that the rest of the population didn’t have the privilege to receive. One potential career choice is that of a professional stock broker. According to the Bureau ... Read More »

The Wise Dollars Mid-May 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

Mid May Blog Posts

Here?s my Mid May favorite blog posts, a few days late but I suppose better than never! It?s been hectic the last couple of weeks. Actually it?s been hectic the last month and a half. The new job is demanding on time, extremely demanding! Mind you, I?m not complaining. I?m enjoying what I?m doing and although there?s a lot of ... Read More »

The Wise Dollars Favorite April Blog Posts

April Blog Posts

So here we are at the beginning of May, it seems like the year is flying by. I’m getting comfortable with my new job and although I’m still in learning mode, I feel more and more at home with it every day. I still don’t have as much time as I would like to focus on my blog, but I ... Read More »

The Wise Dollars Mid-April 2013 Favorite Blog Posts

It’s been a long and busy week for me. Starting a new job with a trip to Vegas sounds like fun, and it was! But it also meant that my time was programmed during the day and the evenings were typically spent with clients. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t spent been commenting much on other blog sites. I’m way ... Read More »

The Wise Dollars Keyboard Musings – First Edition

I decided that I need to post some random musings on a periodic basis. Updates, mini rants, interesting blog notes. These are all things I want to write about but don’t necessarily want to do an entire post on. I won’t be putting these out on a set schedule, so don’t look for them?regularly. Once in a while, when you ... Read More »