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4 Reasons You Might Need an Estate for Your Assets

4 Reasons You Might Need an Estate for Your Assets

Everyone knows you need to plan for your financial future. This means having some type of retirement savings. Most people also know that you should have a will. But, what not all people realize is that you should also consider setting up an estate. You might be thinking, “Oh I don’t have a lot of assets or a bank account with millions ... Read More »

When Death Do You Part – Is Your Family Prepared?

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Here’s a morbid topic to greet you on a Monday morning. Dealing and thinking about our own death is something that we shun, with a vengeance! Wills and similar items related to our own mortality are many times ignored, at times to the survivor’s detriment. But this post is not about wills, it’s about all of the little things you ... Read More »

Estate Planning – Our Return From Miami

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Well, we’re back from Miami and have made a few strides in my Dad’s late, but necessary, estate planning. Actually, it’s a lot more than estate planning at this point we’re looking at hiring a cleaning service and working with their doctors to see about home health care. I guess you could just as well categorize our activities as elder ... Read More »

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Introduction

One area of personal finance which is often neglected until far too late is estate planning and asset protection. I recently ran into this first hand when visiting my mom and dad a few months ago. Both of them are well into their eighties and have reached a point where they are forgetting to pay bills, including insurance on their ... Read More »