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Should You Be Afraid of Churning Credit Cards?

Churning credit cards

Churning?credit cards is something people seem to either love or want to avoid at all costs. I get the apprehension, on many levels, as it?s playing with a tool that if used unwisely can lead to overspending and potentially debt. That makes total sense. However, for some there is a genuine fear of credit card churning. My wife has had ... Read More »

How to Start Investing on a Limited Budget

Start Investing on a Limited Budget

No matter how limited your budget might be, you should always try to find a way to put aside money for your future. I know it can be difficult to start investing on a limited budget, but it is possible ? you just have to find ways to do it and make it a priority. I spoke with investors everyday ... Read More »

Dealing With Roadblocks to Debt Freedom

debt freedom

Good day, friends! Today is our next post in our series on how to make and keep a plan for successfully reaching debt freedom. Last time, we talked about making a?personalized plan?for your road to becoming debt free. Today, we’ll talk about overcoming potential road blocks. A journey to debt free often takes at least one year, and often two ... Read More »

The First Steps to Getting Back on Track Financially

Back on track

Many of us have been there. You?re up to your eyeballs in debt or you don?t know how you?re going to make ends meet come month end. Regardless of what the particular situation is, you?re wanting to get back on track financially but just don?t know where to start. The first key, generally speaking, is not to panic ? while ... Read More »

7 Fun Things to do at Home that are Cheap

Fun things to do at home

Living on a budget doesn?t mean you have to just sit inside your house and never have any fun. In fact, there are plenty of fun things you can do at home to have fun with your friends and family that cost very little. Just by thinking carefully about your entertainment options and picking the ones that get the most ... Read More »