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3 Money Mistakes I Made in 2014

money mistakes

As I read Kayla’s post on 3 ways she’s getting financially serious in 2015, it reminded me of the money mistakes I made in 2014. Kayla and I both have a commitment to do better financially next year. In the case of my husband and myself, we need to? recognize and own up to our money mistakes before we can ... Read More »

3 Ways I?m Getting Financially Serious in 2015

Financially Serious

As of this week I?ve been budgeting and blogging for one year. Though I?m still relatively new to both activities (at least compared to some, like John), I finally feel like I?m getting the hang of them. 🙂 Unfortunately, I got nowhere close to my financial goals in 2014. I set some pretty lofty goals and I had no idea ... Read More »

When Budgeting, Little Amounts Add Up with Apps Like Qmee


Budgeting is a lot like life. If you try to swallow it all in one bite, you?ll choke. But if you take a micro-view of budgeting and think of it as something you do little by little, day by day, you?re more likely to get your spending under control and see success living by a budget. When you hear someone ... Read More »

4 Cheap Alternatives to Cable


The price of cable is outrageous isn?t it? We have DirecTV, though on a lower plan. We have some friends who?re spending well over $100 per month, just for their cable alone and that doesn?t even include what they?re paying for their Internet and cell phone bills. If you want to trim some fat from your budget and are looking ... Read More »

3 Financial Goals That Will Benefit Everyone

financial goals

January seems to be the popular time to make financial goals and plans for the upcoming year, but where do you start? Every person, every family, every financial situation is different. A goal to pay off debt?may or may not apply to you, and a goal to save more money may not be an option if you’ve got a heavy ... Read More »