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Don?t Let Debt Hold You Back From Your Dreams

When you are deep in debt and you are working hard to throw every penny you can toward paying it off, it?s easy to lose sight of everything else going on in life around you. You forget that while you are busy working extra hours, devoting time to a side hustle, and clipping coupons life hasn?t slowed down. This fact ... Read More »

How to Give to Charity While in Debt


The desire to give to charity is a noble ambition. However, for those who are in debt, it might seem more like a fantasy than something that could become a reality. If you would like to give to charity, but you’re debt, you will need to be careful about how you dispense your funds in order to ensure a positive ... Read More »

6 Christmas Gifts that Keep on Giving – at Little Cost

christmas gifts

With the holidays right around the corner, it?s time to finish up buying Christmas gifts?(if you?re not done shopping already!). In my opinion, it?s a lot more fun to give gifts than it is to get gifts. This is partly because most gifts we get are only new, shiny and exciting for the first 15 minutes after we unwrap them ... Read More »

E*TRADE Review: Get Up To $600 Cash Back Now!


E*TRADE?is a well-known player in the online broker space and has been for decades. If you want a new online brokerage, or are just getting ready to start investing this?E*TRADE?review will help you see if E*TRADE is a good option for you. As a disclaimer, I do want to be transparent in that I do not have an E*TRADE account. ... Read More »

5 Ways to Kill Your Debt Next Year


There is nothing fun about being in debt. It is something that is constantly on your mind, and it is a problem that only seems to get worse and worse as time goes by. It is difficult to make enough money to meet your current expenses while also chipping away at your past debts. However, if you want to pay ... Read More »