4 Easy Ways to Save Money and the Earth

4 Easy Ways to Save Money and the Earth

4 Easy Ways to Save Money and the EarthWe all love to save money. Saving money today means you have more money to spend in the future ? and that?s a good thing. You may need that money for some unexpected expense, or you may be able to use it for something fun like a vacation. Whatever the case, we should all agree that saving money can be seen as a positive.

At the same time, taking steps to save the earth should be seen as a good thing as well. So, can you serve both of these goals at the same time? We think so.

Let?s take a look at four ways in which you may be able to save money and the earth at the same time.

Buy a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

You probably saw this one coming. One of the best things you can do with your money in order to save both the world and dollars down the line is to purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle.

On the personal side, owning a fuel-efficient car will allow you to stop at the gas pump less frequently, saving you money. As far as the earth is concerned, using less gasoline means less oil needs to be consumed, and fewer emissions will be put out into the atmosphere.

Fortunately, car manufacturers have made great strides in fuel-efficiency lately. So, you can pick from a wide range of models when shopping.

Pay Attention to Home Efficiency

So much of this discussion is going to come down to doing things efficiently. Just like you want to use an efficient car, you should also strive to live in an efficient home.

A well-designed home with plenty of insulation should be rather energy efficient. This means you?ll use less energy to heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer. That?s good news for the environment, and it?s good news for your pocketbook, as well.

Consume Less

While you probably don?t think about it much when shopping, buying a large amount of consumer goods is going to have an impact on the environment. Plus, it is going to impact your wallet.

Most of what you buy will need to be shipped a great distance to reach you. Shipping requires the use of lots of energy resources. The more we consume, the greater the stresses that we place on the environment around us.

By reducing your consumption and leading a simpler lifestyle, you can keep more money in your bank and do a small part to help the earth at the same time.

Buy Local

This last point is a takeoff on the previous point. When you do need to buy consumer goods, do your best to purchase things that have been produced in your local area. Local goods not only prop up your local economy, but they also have to travel a much shorter distance to reach your home.

While you might not save much money with this option, you can feel good about the impact you are having on both your local area and the environment as a whole.


Have you ever done of these things to save money and help the earth? Do you have other tips?


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