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10 Frugal Living Tips To Save Money every day

Save money

In this post, I have shared 10 frugal living tips to help you save more money. There are many reasons why someone might decide to live their life frugally. Early retirement, buy an expensive car, invest in a business, pay off debt, etc are some of the common reasons driving people to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Here are 10 frugal ... Read More »

Need to Make Room for More Bills? These Tips Could Be Useful!

4 Reasons You Might Need a Side Hustle

If you budget correctly, your current income should be able to handle additional expenses that may come your way. However, some people still believe that the best way to pay for unexpected bills or a financial crisis is by increasing your total take-home pay. You have an option to work overtime or at a second job. Earning extra money is ... Read More »

4 Easy Ways to Save Money and the Earth

4 Easy Ways to Save Money and the Earth

We all love to save money. Saving money today means you have more money to spend in the future ? and that?s a good thing. You may need that money for some unexpected expense, or you may be able to use it for something fun like a vacation. Whatever the case, we should all agree that saving money can be ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Live Cheaper in a Big City

5 Ways to Live Cheaper in a Big City

Big city living can be great. Depending on what career path you chose, there?s a city for that career. Think tech in Silicon Valley, movie stars in Los Angeles and business in New York City. But, big city living also means higher living expenses. Granted salaries are usually increased to match the inflated costs of large metropolises so you can ... Read More »

5 Ways to Save on Your Summer Bills

5 Ways to Save on Your Summer Bills

Summer can quickly become one of the more expensive times of the year. Between pool passes, vacations, grilling out, fireworks and more, your wallet can get a bit crunched. Not to mention that your bills can go up as well. Air conditioning, watering the lawn/garden, new construction, whatever, start to add up as well. Here are some ways you can?lower ... Read More »