4 Digital Savings Tools to Save Money When Shopping Online

4 Digital Savings Tools to Save Money When Shopping Online

4 Digital Savings Tools to Save Money When Shopping OnlineOnline shopping is growing more and more popular with each passing year. Where once people were slightly uncomfortable with the idea of making purchases online without visiting a physical store, today that kind of shopping is the norm.

Shopping online makes it easy to compare prices before purchasing to make sure you get a great deal. However, by using specific digital tools, you can make the prospect of saving money easier than ever before. Below is a list of four tools that you should consider putting to use as you browse the web for your next buy.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon is the undisputed king of online retail, so it only makes sense that a Prime membership is at the top of our list. Sometimes you have to spend a little money in order to save money, and that is exactly the case here.

An Amazon Prime membership usually will set you back $99 on an annual basis, but most people will make that money back (and then some) over the course of 12 months. Most of the products you buy on Amazon ? and they carry nearly everything you could imagine ? will be eligible for free two-day shipping when you are a Prime member. There are also other advantages, such as streaming music and video services, making this membership an easy choice.


This is a coupon site that has the potential to help you find great savings on your next purchase. Before you complete the checkout process for the item you are going to buy, check out RetailMeNot (and any other coupon sites you may wish to check) to see if any applicable coupons are available. This is a free service to use, and it only takes seconds to check for a coupon.


If you shop around the web in a variety of locations, you may wish to join the Ebates program to get cash back for some of your purchases. Ebates is relatively easy to use, it works with a long list of ecommerce sites, and the cash back rewards are generous in many cases. This is essentially free money on things you were going to purchase anyway, so it is another easy choice.


Okay ? so this isn?t technically a trick to save when shopping online, but it can save you money nonetheless. If you download the GasBuddy app to your phone, you can use it to track down the best deal on gas in your local area. You don?t really have much of a choice when it comes to needing to purchase gas for your vehicle, but you do have a choice on where you go for that gas. Rather than driving around hoping to find a low price, simply open the GasBuddy app and find out in just moments where you will get the best price on your fill-up.


Do you use any of these tools when shopping online? What other ways do you save money?


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  1. I *LOVE* Amazon Prime. Can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have Prime. Are there actually people who don’t do 80% of their shopping on Amazon? 🙂

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