What Options Are Available When Trying to Sell a Home?

3688731757_162e3e6c7f_zUnfortunately, it’s not just buying a home that is stressful. Trying to sell a home can be a highly stressful task, and it?s one that can last for several months. If you?re looking to sell your home or ?put it on the market?, then there are a number of ways that you can do so; and it?s important that you know them all. In this post, we take a look at all the options available, including some “alternative options“, when you?re trying to sell a home.

Selling on the High Street

Heading to the high street to a local estate agent is the most popular way of selling any home. However, this doesn?t necessarily mean it?s either the best way or the right way for you.

Although selling on the high street maximizes the exposure your home receives and increases your chance of a quick sale, it can also be incredibly expensive, with the agent taking a large sum of the money received. Of course, you can always try to negotiate for a lower commission percentage before you list your home with a particular agent.

Going it Alone

If you believe that you have the legal know-how then you can sell your home on your own without the need for an agent. However for sale by owner is only recommended if you fully understand the process. If not, it can be a legal nightmare and although you?ll save money on agents? fees, you may not conclude the process properly and it can end up costing you far more than if you had used an agent.

Heading to Auction

If you consider yourself to be a bit of a risk-taker, then you can also take your property to auction: Homes Under the Hammer style! This is generally considered to be a good option for properties that are a little rundown or in need of repair.

These properties are then snapped up by property developers or landlords looking for new rental properties. You may not get the best possible price because of this, but you increase your chances of a quick sale. Remember that you can also place a reserve on the property so that it doesn?t sell for a price you?re not comfortable with. You also need to remember that the auction house or auctioneer will also take a small percentage for helping you sell your property.

Popping Online

If you?re desperate for a quick sale, then selling through an online estate agents could be your best bet. Online agents such as House Network will provide you with a free valuation for your home so you?ll know how much you should expect to receive.

You won?t receive as much as you would on the high street but your property will?sell far quicker ? it should even sell within 7 days.

With all of these options to consider,?you should have no problem trying to sell a home. Good luck!


Have you ever used these methods to sell a home? Have you ever bought a house from one of these methods?


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