The Best Thing to Ever Happen to the Secondhand Market

shutterstock_236418772At first, living a more frugal life may sound boring. Lavish living looks exciting, fun, and full of color. But all of that excitement quickly evaporates when faced with the credit card bill responsible for such extravagance. This is where living frugally looks that much more enticing.

So how can you spend smart? One way is to buy used instead of new. This is likely an idea you?re already familiar with. Saving money by buying used is not a new concept. However, by making a careful decision about where you decide to buy these secondhand goods? you can save a pile of cash. Today, we?ll help you make that decision by introducing a great place to find deals: Seconds.

A newer entry into the used market, Seconds is making huge strides towards a more ideal secondhand marketplace. Here?s why it?s probably the best place to by pretty much anything. By implementing a few unique features, this website has struck a great balance between convenience, price, and safety.


When you show up at a garage sale, you?ll find there are less people and better deals than in the past. This is due to the slow, but steady migration of the secondhand market from offline to online platforms.

However, these low prices aren?t exactly convenient. Think about it: in order to cash in on these deals, you need to jump in the car, drive around until you find a sale, and then hope they have exactly what you need. Sure, the price is right, but what a waste of your Sunday!

With Seconds, everything is listed online, in an easy-to-understand design. You can search for what you need, find the price you want, and arrange for pick up. You might not find the bottom-barrel price of a garage sale, but you can?t beat it for convenience.


WiseDollar Image - SecondsYou can often find a pretty decent deal on sites like eBay. Auctions sites like these start with a low asking price that is then bid up over time. If you spend some time on the site, you can occasionally find a good deal.

Unfortunately, the deal you end up with will likely be more expensive than if you?d found the same item on Seconds. The reason is, to use eBay, sellers have to pay listing fees, membership fees, and payment fees (to use Paypal). This drives up the starting price before you can even begin bidding!

By using Craigslist or Seconds, you deal directly with sellers without paying their listing costs. You also don?t have to sit at your computer in the last minute of an auction, anxiously bidding against someone for the same item.


Craigslist solved a major problem with the used market? convenience. By allowing sellers to market their goods online, buyers were able to find exactly what they needed from the comfort of their own home. And without listing fees, the total cost could be kept relatively low.

Unfortunately, the site is plagued by shady characters. Scams are rampant, and the site has a reputation for stolen or fake goods. If you use Craigslist, make sure you?re dealing with someone trustworthy before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

On the other hand, by using Seconds you have extra assurances when it comes to your safety. Seconds verifies its users (both sellers and buyers) before they make a transaction. The company also processes payments securely, meaning you don?t have to worry about shady cash deals performed in a dirty back alley. Instead, you can use this market to find a great deal without risking your personal safety.

Get Verified Already!

The verification process is straightforward, but the sooner you start the sooner you can find a great deal on that new speaker system you?ve been craving. To get started, check out Seconds?on your computer,?or download their mobile app at.

Psssst! Right now, for Wisedollar readers only, you can get $5 in-app credit for free when you use the code ?FRUGAL5? during sign up. Head over to Seconds and claim your free cash!


Photos courtesy of Seconds.

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