5 Ways to Side Hustle as a Couple

5 Ways to Side Hustle as a Couple

5 Ways to Side Hustle as a CoupleThese days, ?side hustles? are all the rage.

Basically, a side hustle is something you do to earn money away from your full-time job. In the past, this probably would have been called a ?part-time? job or a second job, but times have changed.

By the very nature of what most people would call a side hustle, these aren?t really jobs ? at least, not in the traditional sense. Often, they are independent contracting arrangements. With these, you make a little extra cash on your own, without reporting to a boss.

There are tons of ideas out there for side hustle options, and you?ve probably heard most of them before. But what if you want to do your side hustle as a couple?

This is a great way to make extra money while still spending time together. The list of five options below will hopefully point you in the right direction to make this a reality.

Build a Website

If you are even slightly technically inclined, you and your partner may be able to start a website to earn (hopefully) a bit of money.

Of course, it is a good idea to pick a topic for your website that is a shared passion between the two of you. That will make the project fun while still giving you the potential to earn some additional income.

Websites are commonly monetized through advertisements and affiliate links, but your plan will need to depend on the specifics of your site.

Write a Book

This is another project you could work on together. Think of ideas that would interest both of you and then get into the process of researching and writing your book.

There are many places you can list your book for sale online, including the extremely popular Amazon Kindle program.

Cleaning or Lawn Service

An active option for those who like to stay busy, you may be able to start up a local house/office cleaning business, or a lawn service. Obviously, you will need to be capable of performing these services at a high enough level to deserve compensation, and you?ll also need to acquire any licenses that are required in your jurisdiction.

Dog Walking

If you love pets and would like to combine that love with the opportunity to make some money, offering a dog walking service is a nice option. You could start up your own operation to be your own boss. Or you could work for one that is already in place in your area.

With two of you spending your time walking dogs ? either together or separately ? the money earned could add up to a meaningful sum pretty quickly.

Freelance Work

Perhaps the most popular side hustle these days, consider offering your professional skills on a freelance basis. Think about what each of you do well. Then look for a market where you can sell your services to clients.

One of the best things about starting this type of side hustle is the potential for it to grow into a full-time operation.


Do you side hustle with your partner? What do you do together to earn extra money?


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