3 Top Tips for Shipping Items Overseas

shipping items

shipping itemsThe development and refinement of commercial transport services, and the increase in overseas selling over the last few decades have revolutionized the way that we live. Where sending items to foreign buyers would once have seemed impractical, it is now commonplace. Whether we want to post a gift to a friend, send an eBay sale to another continent, or attract an international client base for our online business, we can now do so easily and economically.

Yet items that we send overseas still have a long journey to travel, so it?s important to do your very best to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. No one wants to send a broken gift or a damaged purchase, and luckily, there are a few simple steps that you can take to avoid such scenarios. To help you out, here they are.

Properly Package Your Item

It may sound obvious, but properly packaged items are far less likely to be damaged in transit.

The contents you send will have many miles to travel, and inevitably there may be a little jouncing and some rough handling along the way, so try to apprehend whether this would damage what you?re sending. Although items such as soft toys or clothing will probably be alright provided they?re in a sealed box or envelope, breakables are best wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap as well.

You should also ensure that the outer material of your box or package can withstand the trials of traveling, as a broken exterior could cause your item to slip out and become separated from the information containing you and the recipients? addresses.

Choose a Reliable Courier

It?s also important to spend some time choosing a reliable courier. Although some companies will offer incredibly competitive prices, their services may not always be up to scratch, so it?s imperative to do your research and find out as much as you can with regard to their reputations. The internet makes this easy for us, and both positive and negative customer experiences will almost always be recorded somewhere online. These should help you to work out which companies to avoid, and which to settle on.


When you?re sending important items, it?s also a good idea to buy?insurance. Most courier companies will give you the option to include this as part of their service, and especially if your package contains high value contents, it really is wise to protect yourself and your buyer. Make sure that in the event of damage or loss, the full value of your item will be compensated, so that the needs of everyone involved are properly taken care of.

Follow these three top tips today, and you should have no problem shipping items overseas without damage.


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