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office-820390_640This might not be a topic relevant to a lot of people, but if you are a practitioner who regularly has to submit documents to the NSW Civil Registry, then this is big news.

This is because the NSW Civil Registry now lets you file all of your documents online. This is called e-filing?and you can lodge these documents for any Local, District, or Supreme Registry Court without leaving your office.

There are lots of other things you can e-file too though, saving you time and money.

What is even better, is if you use a third party service for all of your submissions, then this massively increases the benefits of court e-filing to your business.

So what are the real-world benefits of combining court e-filing with a third party submission service and how will it make a difference to your business?

  • Fast turn arounds on documents: In the majority of instances, your documents are turned around in 24 hours, so you can serve sealed documents much faster. This makes your business more efficient, allowing you to spend more time working on your business.
  • Instant verification: Your court documents will be manually checked by the third party service, prior to being uploaded to the court relevant system. If any problems or omissions are found with your submission, then you will be instantly notified. So your Statement of Claim is always verified before submission and lodged that same day, as long as your documents are uploaded before 12pm.
  • No signed documents needed: You don?t have to worry about uploading signed documents, because the Statement of Claim is automatically generated for you. This makes your life a lot less stressful and the entire process much quicker and streamlined.
  • Preview before you submit: With an easy to use preview function, you can check that you have everything in order before you submit the forms. This means that your employees can do all of the e-filing, you can check the submission and then they can go ahead with finalising the uploading process.
  • Streamlined accounting: Any good third party service will automatically calculate all fees and bill them back to the correct accounts. So you won?t have any more missed disbursements, making your accounting process flawless.
  • Monthly billing: Another nice feature of using a third party submission service is that you are billed monthly. So apart from having no more problems with missed disbursements, you only have one bill to pay each month for all of your lodgements to any of the NSW Courts.

On the other hand, if you decide to decide against using a third party submission service, then you have to pay your court filing fees upfront for every submission. Not only this, but you are also likely to have ongoing problems, such as missed disbursements, longer submission processes, and omissions won?t be picked up before uploading.

It is easy to see how e-filing for civil registry can save you time and money in your business, both of which you can utilize to grow and expand your business, rather than standing in line at the Court Registry.


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