6 Ways to Save on your Summer Water Bill

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summer water billSummer is finally here! Well, not officially, but boy is it nice outside!

People are getting their gardens in, planting flowers and prepping their lawn for the ultimate lawn show off. All of this outside care can lead to a higher water bill, especially if?your area is in a drought, like mine usually is.

Conserving water should be high priority during the dog days of summer to help with the drought and your summer water bill. Here are six ways you can cut down on your water use so you can save money on your summer utility bills.

Turn Your Sprinklers on Before the Sun Rises

Setting your sprinklers to run before the sun rises, allows for better water absorption by your lawn and plants, and thus you’ll see a more efficient use of your water. It also won?t take as long to water the lawn, saving you money vs. watering at 11 a.m. or in the afternoon when the sun is high and water evaporates before it can soak in and get to your plants’ roots.

Another tip is to make sure you shut off your sprinklers if it’s raining, or if just rained overnight. Watering during a rainstorm is redundant and a waste of water and money. Even if you have automatic sprinklers, there should be a way to manually shut them off with the flip of a switch or press of a button.

Don?t Have a Lawn

Another solution to save on your summer water bill is to have a different type of yard instead of grass and plants that require water. Depending on where you live, a yard full of river rock and maybe a few cactuses may even be common. In fact, there are?some places where the city, or another organization, may pay you to rip out your lawn to save water.

Save Water with Your Laundry Routine

Instead of washing your clothes in hot water, try washing them in cold. Not only does washing them in cold water help preserve your clothes, thus allowing you to wear them longer, but you’ll also save money by not having to heat the water. If you really want to save money, dry them out on the line or on a drying rack to save energy by not using the dryer.

Finally, you should never wash a half-full load of laundry. Wait until you have a full load’s worth of clothes to wash to make the best use of water and energy.

Turn That Tap Off

When brushing your teeth, turn the tap off! Don?t let it run until your two minutes are up for teeth?brushing. You can brush to the songs in your head. It’s the same with your shower, only take a five minute shower, with warm, not hot, water. Remember we?re conserving water,?so we can save on our bill.

Cover Your Pool

If you have a home pool or hot tub, make sure you cover it when not in use. Uncovered pools lose approximately 1,000 gallons of water a month due to evaporation. Just think about adding that expense to your bill. Yikes!

Sweep Sidewalks and Driveways Instead of Rinsing

I like to have clean sidewalks and driveways after mowing my lawn, but I don’t like to waste water rinsing them off.?Use some elbow grease and sweep those drives and walks clean instead! Using the hose just wastes water and runs your summer water bill up. There is a time to use the hose, but more times than not, a broom is just as good!


How do you conserve and save on your summer water bill? Do you have any other tips?


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