4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Appliances

Save Money

Save MoneyWhen I first bought my house in 2012, it was completely unfurnished and since it had never been lived in before it also had no utilities. There was no washer and dryer, no oven, no stove, no microwave, no refrigerator, and no dishwasher. Since most of these things are essential for day-to-day living, I had to shell out for all of these things right away.

Buying all new appliances was fun because I could get whatever color, brand, and features that I wanted. The downside of buying all new appliances is that appliances are expensive! Luckily, I used a few different methods to make sure I was getting the best deal possible when I bought my appliances.

Haggle with Cash

If at all possible, you should go into the store with cash in hand to pay for your appliances. When you have the cash with you right then and there, sales people are generally more willing to go the extra mile to find exactly what you want and haggle with you for a discount too.

Whenever you are making a large purchase in cash, you should ask for a ?cash discount?. You?d be surprised how many places offer discounts just for paying with cash instead of a credit card.

Look for Imperfect Models

Most appliance stores have a section of models with small dings, dents, and scratches on their surface. Generally these superficial dings have absolutely no effect on the quality of the appliance or how it will function in your home. In fact, lots of these dents and dings will likely be covered up by your surrounding furniture or cabinets anyhow. I always look in this section as you can usually find a higher-end model for way less just because it has superficial damage.

Shop for Used Models

If you don?t have the funds to buy brand new appliances from a store, you should consider buying used models that are still in good condition. Lots of websites and online trading groups, like appliances on Gumtree, have fairly new appliances for way less than you?d pay for a new model. Just make sure you don?t buy appliances that are too old or worn out.

Check Out Energy Savings

One of the other things I look for whenever I buy an appliance is the cost it will incur to use it over the course of a year. Almost all appliances these days have an ?Energy Star rating? that will let you know if the appliances you are looking at are energy efficient.

Sometimes it might even be worth it to replace an older appliance that is still working but is not very energy efficient. Buying energy efficient appliances can really help save money on your utility bills?over the course of a year, and especially over the lifetime of your energy efficient appliance.

No matter if you are shopping for all new appliances or just replacing an older model or two, you can use these tips to help you save on your next appliance purchase.




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  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Kayla.

    You have pointed out some good strategies here. Cash will almost always get you at least some amount of discount on major purchases (especially at smaller independently owned stores).

    Two other strategies to consider when shopping at larger box stores are shopping near the end of the month (when sales quotas are coming due), and coming armed with the lowest advertised price from a major competitor. Ask them to beat the competitor’s price or throw in an extra or two. Say that you will go to the competitor and ask them to do the same thing so they might as well offer their best deal right now. This will often result in you getting a good price and maybe even a couple of extras.

  2. Good point on buying items with imperfect conditions. Whenever I buy a new appliance, I always look out for these and buy the perfect ones. But I’ll try to looks for these dents now to maybe catch up on some discounts.

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