5 Ways to Save Money on Makeup and Beauty Products


6117830100_d1dcfd9583_zThere are many reasons why women choose to use makeup and other beauty products in their daily routine. Sometimes it?s because it feels like that is what is expected by society, by your peers, or by your job. Other times women decide to use makeup and beauty products to help them cover up faults, like skin blemishes or to help diminish the appearance or wrinkles and aging. A third reason women might choose to wear makeup is to make them feel good about themselves and build their self-confidence.

No matter why women choose to wear makeup though, the fact remains that makeup and beauty products can be very expensive. Here are five ways to help make your makeup and beauty routine at least a little bit cheaper.

Don?t Wear It

Some women choose to go all natural and not to wear makeup on a regular basis. This is definitely the easiest way to save money?on makeup and beauty products. But it?s not always an option for every woman.

Be Minimalistic

If you feel that you must wear at least some makeup, you can try to be as minimalistic about it as possible. Everyone knows that being a minimalist definitely makes saving money easier, and it?s definitely true when it comes to makeup and beauty products too. If you only use a cleanser, moisturizer, and mascara you?ll probably be spending less than your friends or co-workers who use 12-15 beauty products every day.

Use Double Duty Products

The next step up from a makeup minimalist is a woman who wants a more made up look but chooses to accomplish it with as few products as possible. This type of woman probably uses products that can do double duty, like a BB or CC cream that takes the place of moisturizer, foundation, and more all in one step. This will save you time spent in front of the mirror every day, space in your bathroom cabinet, and money vs using 2, 3, or more products to complete the same thing as a BB or CC cream. There are lots of other double duty products out there as well, like one product that can be used for both eye and cheek color.

Buy Generic

Drugstore makeup used to be made of pretty horrendous quality, but these days it?s not nearly so bad. Most drugstore makeup is actually pretty comparable in quality to some pyramid scheme makeup company?s products, but for way less money. (Shh! Don?t tell them I said so!)

Use it ALL Up

The final way you can save money?on makeup and beauty products is to make sure you use up all of the products you buy. When you get to the bottom of the tube of liquid foundation and can?t squeeze anymore out, perhaps you can cut the tube or unscrew the top off a pump foundation to get some more out of the container.

I once even found tiny rubber spatulas, like what you would use to scrape leftovers into a pile in the kitchen, that were made just specifically to help you get the very last bits of liquid makeup out its container.



Do you wear makeup very often? Do you use any of these tips to help you save on makeup and beauty products? Can you think of any other ways to save on makeup and beauty products?



Photo courtesy of: Tiffany Bailey

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  1. My wife took some time to shop around and compare compare prices from local retailers and from Amazon. She now knows where to go to get the best deals and who has a better deal when sales/coupons are involved. It does take a little work, but it will save a decent amount of money in the long run.

  2. I love to save money on beauty products by getting as many free samples from Sephora as I can. Plus while I am there, I usually indulge in the display products and give myself an expensive facial for free while I am there.

  3. My wife, she recycles old MAC, Kiehl?s, and Lush containers to get free products in return. Now, she’s learning how to make mineral makeup, which I think is really exciting. I hope she can pull it off.

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