The World’s Fastest Growing Property Markets for 2015

Property Markets

Property MarketsThe Frank Global House Price Index says that the value of homes rose 8.4% on an international level in 2013. That represents the highest annual increase in property markets since 1995. James Price, the head of Global Real Estate, said that people like property because it offers a realism that other assets fail to provide.

London, England: One Hyde Park

London is the centre of finance, technology and art. One Hyde Park has similarities to the luxury of a Manhattan condo. An additional growing area in London is 5 Princes Gate. It is a 52-story mixed-use tower with a gorgeous riverside view. London offers a fun living location, and with the many free museums, plays and more people have plenty of activities to choose from. This is a city that attracts investors from around the globe, so expect bidding to be competitive. If you?re looking for investment property and a steady rental income, then do your research before taking the plunge on a purchase. With purchase prices in most suburbs fetching six figures, you?ll need to find a buy to let mortgage with a low interest rate, like these from Clydesdale, a bank who has been making moves in this part of the market.

Monaco, France: Tour Od?on

People choose Monaco because of the beach and marina. Another element that adds appeal is the income-tax-free-zone status, and the location is highly secured. The key area of development in Monaco is Tour Od?on. Reputed as the most expensive tower in the world, the average sales hit $11,000 per square foot. By New York standards, the 49 stories may be considered a low-rise, but this is the largest tower in the Southern region of France.


Charleston, South Carolina: Historic Downtown

As a coastal city, historic Charleston provides great outdoor recreational weather year-round that allows residents simple ways to stay fit. Looking beyond the aesthetic appeal, Charleston has become an economic success story. More than 250 small-scale technology companies call Charleston home, creating a hub that?s come to be known as Silicon Harbor. One of the key developments in Charleston is the Upper King Street corridor. This is one of the developments within the heart of downtown Charleston. The Row houses come with private rooftop decks and harbor views. The price ranges from $2.1 million to $15.7 million.


Argentina: Patagonia

Buenos Aires provides a city-style combination mixed among London, Madrid and Paris. However, it depends on the neighborhood. In Patagonia, large and underdeveloped ranches start at $1.5 million. Guillermo Troglis says that the most interesting region of Patagonia would be near the ski resort of Bariloche. Patagonia compares in beauty similar Switzerland with stunning lakes in likeness to the Andes Mountains. Individuals who buy an estancia in Patagonia receive the ultimate privacy.



A southern nation in Africa, the agricultural land of Zambia has proven an attractive investment for foreigners. Additionally, Zambia has some of the best game parks in the world. Along with a predictable climate and stable government, Zambia provides amazing value and security. With cheetahs, leopards and hippos as neighbors, it is no wonder this is a popular location for investors looking to get in on Africa?s long term economic growth.



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