What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

Many people find life insurance policies confusing, and it doesn’t help that laws in different states can impact those life insurance plans. With this helpful quiz, you can get more information about how state laws can make a difference in life insurance plans, and you can use that information to find the plan that suits your needs.

This quiz will help answer questions that include which plans automatically cancel beneficiary designations to ex-spouses, who is able to make a claim on a life insurance policy in community property states, how the state legislature impacts the life insurance industry, why you’ll find most states require a grace period on late premium payments, how your life insurance policy could affect your Medicare eligibility, and the one factor that has an influence on your life insurance policy no matter where you live.

The multiple-choice quiz won’t take you long to complete, since it only has six questions and you get 60 seconds to answer each question. At the end of every question, you’ll find a quick explanation of the answer so you can get a better understanding of the topic. You’ll also get to see how many other people answered the questions correctly, and you can cheer on other people who have already taken the quiz.

Take this informative quiz today to learn more about the role state laws play in life insurance policies. You can then make sure you choose the right policy based on the state you live in and your needs.


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