5 Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer

Make Extra Money

4576900792_e02f0705a9_zLife can be expensive no matter what time of year it is, but the costs really tend to add up in the summer. Why is that? There are a couple of reasons.

First, if you have children, they are out of school and have more time to engage in various activities ? which usually cost money. Also, many families try to take at least one vacation during the summer season, which obviously costs money as well.

Second, there are lots of outdoor projects that often require attention if you are a homeowner. Things like lawn care and landscaping can be DIY projects, which cuts down on some costs but they still aren’t free.

When you add it up, those extra expenses could have your bank account?looking a little sparse during the warm summer months. To pad your budget and give yourself a little extra money to spend, it is a great idea to look for additional sources of income beyond your regular job. Thankfully, in today’s technology era, you shouldn?t have to look far.

Consider one or more of the following five ideas for making some extra money this summer.

Selling Items Online

This approach is great because it takes care of two problems at once. It can put some extra money in your pocket as well as clearing up some of the clutter around your house. If you took a quick look around your home right now, you could very likely find at least a few items that you don?t want or need.

Those items could potentially be sold online to return you a nice little sum of cash. Once sold, you will have the money in your hands and also will have made space in your house. A win-win! If you don’t want to sell items online, you can still make money this summer through taking surveys or cash back on your normal shopping. I do this by using Swagbucks. You won’t get rich by using Swagbucks, but it’s a nice little way to earn a little extra cash or Amazon gift cards. You can sign up for Swagbucks here and earn an extra $5 sign-up bonus?as a new member.

Do Yard Work on the Side

Instead of paying someone to do your yard work, you could be making money by doing yard work for others. Mowing lawns isn?t just a way for teenagers to make extra money ? people of all ages can offer yard work services to others in their neighborhood.

You don?t even need to go around knocking on doors uninvited, as you probably already know a few people in your life that could use help with the yard work. This is especially true of senior citizens. If you do good work and charge a fair rate and your help will be greatly appreciated and word will spread fast.

Pick Up an Evening Job

The longer hours of daylight during the summer mean that many businesses stay open later than they do during the rest of the year. This can be an opportunity for you to pick up a second job working a few hours in the evening a couple nights a week or on the weekends.

Consider Seasonal Employment

In addition to more work being available during the summer evenings, there are also many seasonal jobs that tend to pop up during the summer. Often, these are associated with tourist areas that are only busy during vacation season. If you would like to pick up a little extra work, look to the areas near your home that attract summer visitors.

Find Freelance Work Online

If you have a specific skill that you can offer online, seek out clients and work part time as a freelancer. There is very little cost or time required to get started, and you can fit your work in around the rest of your schedule quite easily.


Have you tried any of these suggestions to make extra money? What are some other ways you can think of to make extra money this summer?



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  1. I used to have a garage sale last year and I made money from it! I’m planning to have a garage sale next month, I’m still collecting some of my unused/used items and clothes.

  2. There are a few kids in my neighborhood who mow and mulch all summer. I think that’s a great side job and it also seems pretty lucrative!

  3. We actually focus on trying to have one or two yard sales in the summertime to make extra money. The weather is nicer and there seem to be better crowds looking for yard sales in the summer than other times in the year.

  4. I go around to other yard sales in the summer and find things to resell for a profit. Most times, people just want to get rid of stuff so they put the price really low. You’d be surprised at how much you can find and resell.

  5. Yard sales! Either hold some of your own, or go around to them to find things you can resell. (Apparently Jon had at least half of the same idea.)

  6. I used to be a life guard when I was still in college during summer. I was paid more than enough and enjoyed the work as it was just a kinda relax and I was able to teach some kids how to swim.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I think getting a side hustle is a great idea and I am definitely looking for one. I just want to make sure that it is the total opposite of what I do at my full time job and maybe something to do in the tourism sector.

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