4 Ways Job Burnout Can Affect Your Finances

4 Ways Job Burnout Can Affect Your Finances

4 Ways Job Burnout Can Affect Your FinancesWe all want to do our best and standout in our work. Sometimes, however, doing so has nothing to do with your natural ability or intelligence, but about how hard you work.

Ergo, getting burned out on your job, even if you love it, can happen quickly and often.

Whether you take on extra projects in hope of a promotion, feel as though your job entails you to do so, or simply have a hard time saying ?no,? taking on too much all the time will quickly lead to exhaustion. That being said, job burnout affects more than you might realize.

So, before taking on yet another assignment, look at these four ways job burnout can affect your finances.

1. Convenience Results from Exhaustion

Working over time and dealing with the stress of doing so equates to you being too exhausted to do much else.

Instead of cooking at home, you?ll likely opt for take out. Time on the weekend will be spent resting instead of performing household jobs yourself.

Hence, you?ll be more prone to hire those jobs out instead. While that?s perfectly fine every now and then, doing so constantly only serves to cost you more money in the long-run.

2. Your Health Will Be Affected

Your body, mentally and physically, can?t sustain lack of sleep or rest and immense amounts of stress for pro-longed periods of time. Ultimately, it?ll breakdown in the end.

Burnout can have serious effects on your health, effects that?ll no doubt lead to doctors appointments and medical bills you otherwise wouldn?t have had. Instead of spending your income on your financial goals, you?ll be putting it away towards your health costs.

3. Job Performance Could Take a Plunge

We often equate over-performance and over-time with promotions and recognition. Again, however, after so long, you won?t be able to perform at the 100 percent you once did.

You might begin to find that you have an inability to complete projects all-together or simply do a half-effort job. Either way, you?ll find a disappointed boss or upset client at the end. This could lead to a demotion or loss of job altogether.?A position that will find you wanting for money as opposed to earning more it.

4. You?ll Find Ways to Cope

Every individual has their own, unique way to deal with stress. Some exercise, read, or simply spend time with family. Others opt for more expensive and unhealthy coping mechanisms like shopping.

If you?re someone who seeks out things in times of stress or unease, job burnout could cause you to rack up a hefty bill or debt.

Being a hard-worker or team player doesn?t have to mean you work yourself to the bone to do so. Moreover, working to the point of exhaustion only serves to affect you and your life negatively.

Say no every now and then and speak with your supervisor if you feel you?re taking on too much, your body, mind, and finances will thank you.


Have you ever felt overworked? What steps have you taken to make a change?


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