5 Reasons to Let the Experts at Terminix Inspect Your Home for Pests

5 Reasons to Let the Experts at Terminix Inspect Your Home for Pests

5 Reasons to Let the Experts at Terminix Inspect Your Home for Pests

Many pests can cause damage to your home or pose a risk to your health. However, not all pest infestations are obvious to the untrained eye.

This is where the trained professional at Terminix can help secure your home from pests. Here are five reasons to consider calling the professionals at Terminix to inspect your home:

1. You Just Moved In

Just because the previous owners moved out doesn?t mean that the pests followed.

If you are just moving into a property, you should make sure that the property has been inspected for pests by a?pest services?professional. If you are still negotiating, you can suggest Terminix to the seller so that you are sure that your new property has had pests removed before you invest.

Or, if you didn?t discover the pests before?closing on your new home, you can arrange for a pest control plan and have pests out before you get settled in.

2. Bites

If you notice mysterious bites showing up on your body, it may be time to schedule a bed bug inspection. Itchy insect bites may be mosquitoes or may be bed bugs. On a rare occasion, it may be fleas or ticks, those these parasites typically prefer animals to humans as a food source.

While mosquitos are easy to see, a bed bug infestation is nearly impossible to spot in the early stages. Fortunately, Terminix professionals are trained in performing?bed bug inspections?and can spot and eliminate the bugs early.

If they aren?t caught early, it can be a long process to rid yourself of bed bugs. Most DIY solutions don?t work against these insects, so hiring a professional is key to get rid of these pests.

3. Strange Noises

If you are hearing strange noises around your home, you should call for a wildlife inspection before you call the Ghostbusters. An unprotected house can become a nest for a variety of animals, including birds, squirrels, and raccoons. All of these can sound pretty creepy in the middle of the night.

What’s worse, they can also cause damage to your home if left unchecked. They may create nests in your attic or insulation and?cause further damage?to your home that will be expensive to repair.

4. Holes

If you are finding holes in your wood, it could be a sign of ants or termites. Termite infestations pose a risk to your home?s structure, which is why you should investigate as soon as possible. Interior wood structures are expensive to repair, so it?s best to move quickly and call termite professionals to come and inspect right away if you suspect termites.

5. New Endemic Pest

If you know that a new pest has just moved into your area, you should promptly call for a pest inspection to make sure that the pest hasn?t already taken up residence in your home. As climates change over time and new animals are introduced into different habitats, new pests will follow.

Whatever your reasons for calling, Terminix can help ensure that your home is protected. This will bring you and your family peace of mind.


Have you ever had a pest problem? What did you do?

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