How to Stop Binge Eating and Save Money


When was the last time you had food just to satisfy your tastebuds and not your hunger?

According to NIH, anyone who eats a large amount of food within a short period of time and does it at least once a week can be identified as a binge eater. Binge eating is not just a bad habit you need to get rid off but it is a serious disorder.?

Once a person begins to binge eat, he or she is more likely to do it again in several different scenarios. Most people binge eat to get rid of the bad feeling like guilt, negativity, fatigue, loss of a loved one, so on and so forth. Let?s have a look at a few ways you can stop binge eating and save some money.


Here Are the 5 Ways to Stop Binge Eating Without Relapsing Ever Again

1) Do No Consume Sugar

If you cannot stop binge eating even after trying everything, it might be wise to take an indirect approach. Stop consuming sugar and food items that contain added sugar. Sugar makes you feel full for a while. After the initial rush is gone, most people resort to binge eating. In other words, sugar creates a void in your system which causes you to binge eat.

2) Find Healthy Alternatives

The next time you feel like numbing your emotions with tasty food, make sure you have a healthy alternative to curb the cravings. Going for a quick walk can help. Divert your attention towards your body instead. Having a bottle of sugar-free yogurt or eating a bowl of healthy salad could also work. If the situation gets out of control, call up a friend or your therapist immediately.

3) Do Not Hide Your Habit

Do not make binge eating a thing that only you know about. Make sure you share your feeling with your loved ones. Often times, emotional support can solve problems that no other remedy can. Moreover, by keeping this a secret, there is a likelihood of the situation escalating even further.

4) Meditate Before You Eat

If you binge eat once or twice a week and wish to not do it again ever, it would help if you could dissociate food with whatever problems you have in your life. To break the pattern, you should consider mediating at least five minutes before dinner. Meditation will give you the space to think and process your inner unconscious urges.

5) Be Aware of Your Environment 

It?s possible that the environment you spend most of the day may be triggering you to eat more. If there is a cafeteria near your workplace? Do you work from home? Either way, make sure you stay away from the smell and sight of food. If you work from home, it would help immensely if you can sit in a room with the door closed. So, even if someone in the other room is cooking food, you would get triggered. 


You may not realize but this condition is also causing you to spend more money than you otherwise would. It is hard to find a binge eater who prefers healthy food. Most often they binge on oily and buttery food which is both unhealthy and expensive. Hence, it is advised to follow the above-mentioned tips.

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