How Freelancers Can Take Advantage Of The Gig Economy By Thinking out of the Box


There is an increasing number of people turning to gig work as an addition to their regular 9 to 5; people who just want?to change their career or provide some?work/life balance to their lives. Where can you find such gigs though? Thinking out of the box helps a lot.

Designers, software programmers, writers and online marketers can all benefit from the array of jobs that growing industries have to offer, especially those that are online-focused, such as the online gaming?industry has to offer.?The gig economy has become a normal source of income for many freelancers. Positions can be short term?or temporary, but many can also be extended and continued indefinitely, providing regular work for months?or even years.

Benefits, budgeting and taxes

Working a gig allows you to work on many projects at the same time. It doesn?t tie you down and can often offer you a more flexible work schedule. The gig economy can open up opportunities?you hadn?t even considered, as an article from explains. For instance, as a developer, you might be tasked with writing or testing a piece of code on a client?s website, which might lead to more work including user experience or developing new features.


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It’s always important to maintain a sensible budget so you understand what kind of income you need just to get by and to keep an eye on your goals. Be realistic about the amount of money you?ll need every month because you’ll?be responsible for deducting your own taxes. An accountant will suggest you set aside at least 30% of your income for your taxes as well as health insurance and pension contributions.

Freelance work available from online gaming

Online gaming companies are always looking for software developers and designers to improve their programs and website functionality.? Sometimes, such positions are full time, but it isn’t?just the bigger companies that require these skills. Quite often, smaller gaming websites also need to maintain a fresh approach?with a site providing?more advanced frameworks and more attractive user experiences. In those cases, it’s not unusual for them to offer hourly pay for part-time or contract work.

Jobs can include building a casino website complete with admin panel to managing the day to day technical performance of a?website. There are also design jobs?like logo creation or graphics and illustration roles as well as the more usual game designing and software development tasks. These are games such as jackpot slots, card games and roulette, as you can see in the information available?from, a casino review and comparison website.?Just think of the sheer amount of games that online casinos need to develop annually to keep their offering as new and glossy as possible.

Working the gig economy can help you get experience from these smaller freelance jobs which might mean one day supporting the big online gaming developers like NetEnt, Evolution or Microgaming who literally pour millions of dollars into their products. There are plenty of job boards you can look at to find a paying gig or freelance work. Upwork, Freelancer and Bark are just a few of the sites where regular freelance jobs are posted for freelancers to apply to.

Micro gaming

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The gig economy can cover almost every industry, while it won?t get you a job directing shuttles at NASA, it will cover nearly all traditional trades?as well as creative industries. The downside to working a gig means job security isn?t great, but it does help you to build up multiple clients and as you complete more gigs and freelance assignments, using the skills you love, you’ll build up a client database that can help keep you in as much or as little work as you want.

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