Should You Hire a Housekeeper?


hire a housekeeperChores ? the dreaded tasks of everyone, no matter your age. Housework, laundry, scrubbing the toilet ? no one likes doing it but these things are necessary to stay clean and sanitary. But it can be hard to prioritize these things over other items in our daily schedules that are more fun.

After a long day of work, or even a long day of fun, no one wants to spend time cleaning the house. This is when some people find themselves contemplating hiring a housekeeper.

It seems so much easier to hire a housekeeper to do these dreaded tasks for you.?There are many professionals who can?clean your house. It can be a one-time cleaning or a weekly occurrence. But before you decide to hire a housekeeper, here are some things you should keep in mind.

A Housekeeper Isn’t Cheap

The cost of having your house cleaned could be as little as paying a few bucks to your child, but if you are childless or you want a professional housekeeper, it can cost you. Average costs seem to be as much as $75 per cleaning. But if you live in a larger city, it could be even more expensive to hire a housekeeper.

That said, when you hire a housekeeper, you can adjust to what level of clean you need and what fits your budget. If you only need a housekeeper?once a month to deep clean as you do the light stuff like dusting, picking up and vacuuming pretty well, then?you’ll be able to save some money.

Privacy and Trust

Before I hired a housekeeper to help in my home, I had to consider privacy and trust. After all, a?stranger is in your home touching your stuff. You are putting trust in an unknown person or service to clean your home for a fee. Most services are well vetted and hire excellent staff, but there are dishonest people who might steal valuable belongings or not do their job. Knowing who is coming to your home to clean is important and you need to make sure you are getting the services and quality you are paying for.

What is Your Time Worth?

One consideration that helped me decided to hire a housekeeper was the value of my time. I did the math based on how much it would cost me per hour to hire a housekeeper vs. how much money I could make by working on my business during that same amount of time. I found that I could significantly more money by hiring a housekeeper than by cleaning my home myself.

A Housekeeper May Do More Than Just Clean

Some housekeepers might be able to do more than just clean your home. You might be able to hire part-time help to do other things like cooking dinner and doing the dishes afterward. They could also do your grocery shopping and fold laundry, which are huge time-savers. If you feel less stressed about getting these tasks done, you?ll be happier and be more productive, but hiring help with these tasks will cost you more money.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a housekeeper vs. rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself, you need to decide what is best for you and your wallet.?Do you need someone full-time who cooks every meal, or could you get by with someone coming just once a month to do a deep scrub of your home? How much can you afford to pay someone for their services? What is the value of your time? Whichever you decide you need, be sure that you are getting what you pay for.


Do you have a housekeeper? Have you ever thought about hiring a housekeeper?


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