3 Things Gymtimidation Could Be Costing You

3 Things Gymtimidation Could Be Costing You

3 Things Gymtimidation Could Be Costing YouFor some, going to the gym is a regular part of their daily routine. For others, even with the best of intentions, a trip to workout can seem to cause more anxiety than it?s worth.

Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, the gym can be an intimidating place. You might picture perfectly toned females, dressed skimpily and logging hours on the treadmill, or muscular regulars dominating the weight room, people who walk confidently into the facility.

If you?re less familiar with the machines, self-conscious, and worried about looking silly or unfit for the gym, obtaining the motivation to go is nearly impossible.

That being said, if gymtimidation is hindering your exercise routine, it could be costing you more than just your dream physique. Here are three ways gymtimidation could be affecting your wallet.

1.?You?re Paying for Something You Don?t Use

Unfortunately, a gym membership tends to be anything but cheap. Often times, signing up for even the most basic of packages can run you anywhere from $30 to $100 per month for some of the specialized studios.

If you?re getting your use out of the facility and dedicated to going, then that?s money going to a good cause. However, if gymtimidation is causing you constantly postpone your workout, then you?re simply wasting money on something you don?t use.

2. You?ve Resorted to Other, Costly Options

There?s no doubt about it that going to the gym solo can be intimidating. For some, that intimidation can lead them to opt for other alternatives.

Whether you hire a personal trainer, purchase your own machine, or choose to focus on diet and sign up for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, most gym alternatives come at a hefty price.

If gymtimidation has forced you to go with one of the options above instead, you could be spending a lot more money than you might on a monthly membership.

3.?You?re Impacting Your Overall Health

Great overall health isn?t just good for you in the long-run, but it?s good for your wallet as well. While proper diet and exercise doesn?t make you invincible, it does indeed help you foster a healthier body and lifestyle. And keeping your body healthy, likely means less doctor visits.

Unless you?ve found another way to stay active, the anxiety over going to the gym could cause you to skip it altogether. In the long-run this could equate to lesser overall health, more health issues, and more, expensive doctor visits and procedures.

When you step foot into the gym, it?s all too easy to look at those with, what you perceive, as the perfect bodies and feel intimidated. You might begin to think that they?ll judge you or that you?re simply not ready yet for the gym.

Whatever the cause for your gymtimidation, it?s important to remember that we?re all in different spots on our fitness journey. No matter where you are, the sheer fact that you want to go to the gym and take care of your body, in itself is something to be proud of. Don?t let gymtimidation cost you extra money or a healthy life.


What?s one way you can overcome gymtimidation? If you don?t feel that you?re ready for the gym, what are some inexpensive alternatives?


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