Glamour for Your Home on a Budget

Glamour for Your Home on a Budget

Glamour for Your Home on a BudgetWhen it comes to taking pride in your living space, you may want to mimic some of the looks you find in a glamorous home.

Being able to live in a space that is full of luxury would be nice, but may be challenging to afford. This makes it good to know about what’s in some of the more glamorous?homes so you can recreate these ideas on a budget.

Studies show that the majority of homeowners will spend?$1,800 – $9,367?on an interior designer. Here are some styles you can recreate for a lot less.

Hollywood Glamour

Have you ever noticed just how amazingly beautiful some of the Hollywood-style glamour homes are? If you have ever looked at any Beverly hills real estate, you may be taken aback by the some of the luxurious homes in this area.

Many of these have a theme straight out of the 1920s and 30s when glamour truly began to shine in this area. Some of the things you may find in a home of this type include photos of the major film stars during this era, and these may be in black and white to add a more polished touch.

The furnishings are sure to have a unique antique look and help create the appeal popular of this time period. However, it?s still possible to have this look even if you?re on a budget when you simply know where to look and what to do. Try visiting some?thrift shops in your area to look for some real bargains that can enable you to make your home look glamorous while on a budget.

A Touch of the 1940s

Another idea to consider if you?re entertaining the thought of redecorating your living space on a budget is aiming for the look of the 1940s. This is a home that is full of class and elegance that was a staple?of this decade.

One of the things you may wish to recreate when it comes to a home of this type includes a bedroom that offers frilly colors and lacey items. Think Elizabeth Taylor and a vanity full of luxurious makeup and skincare items while loaded with satin pillows and bedding that are just begging to be used.

Other things you might want to include in your space is the use of ruffles and roses wherever possible. This was a feminine time, and you may want to work to make your home look a bit more girly…if you can get permission from the men that live in it.

Timeless Glamour

One thing you may see a great deal in homes that are known for being glamorous are some of the same things that all of these have in common. Regardless if you?re looking at a new model or one that replicates the older decades, you want to luxury.

Look for metallic and understated designs. The combination of these two things can be the epitome of luxury. When you use a lot of metallic items, they give off a mirrored look, and this is an ideal way for your space to look more glamorous.

Another thing you will often find in a glamorous home is soft lighting. This is one of the least expensive things to recreate, and you can even use candles to achieve this look in your home.

You can find a lot of great tips that you can use in your own home by looking at some of the more glamorous styles. The good news for you is that when you shop around, it?s possible to pay much less than these homeowners did. This is extremely useful when you?re trying to stick to your budget and don?t want to invest money that you don?t have. Take the time to do your research, and you?re sure to come out ahead on the d?cor for your luxurious home!


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