Quit too Soon? How to Get Your Old Job Back

Quit too Soon? How to Get Your Old Job Back

Quit too Soon? How to Get Your Old Job BackYou?ve been working at your job for a while. Then it happens, you just can?t stand it any longer. You?ve come to the point where you march into the boss?s office and announce you are giving your two weeks!

You march out and head home for the day. When you cool down you realize that you didn?t really want to quit and need your job back.

Or what if you started a new job and realized what you had left was a better fit?

What do you do? You can try to get your old job back.

Here are some tips on how to accomplish this.

Don?t Burn Bridges When You Leave

This is a no-brainer, but if you can leave things on good terms, you’ll have a better chance to get your old job back.

Telling everyone off who made you frustrated will not help in the long run. If you left for an opportunity you couldn?t pass up, be sure to stay in touch with people at your previous employer.

Letting them know you are interested in their well-being will help should you want to get your old job back.

Be Open to Other Options

You may not be able to get your old job back if it’s already been filled. So, be open to staying with the company but working in another position. This might open new doors that you hadn?t imagined before and lead to new opportunities.

Be Sure Your Old Job is Still a Good Fit

Just because the grass wasn?t greener on the other side, doesn?t mean that your old job is still a good fit.

Make a list of everything you did at your old job and everything you currently do or what you want to do. If it?s been awhile since you held that position, see how the position has changed.

When you tally it up, you may find it’s not a good idea to get your old job back after all.

Be Prepared to Stay for a While

If you left and then wanted to come back in a short period of time, be sure that you are willing to stay for a while once you get your old job back. Job hopping too often will not be good for your relationship with the company. If you aren?t willing to stay for a longer period of time, then it?s probably not good for you to come back at all.

Give Your Manager a Heads Up

The actual ask – ?can I come back? – is better done in person. But, sending an email stating your proposition will give them time to think about it.

Follow up with them in a timely manner and ask to set up a meeting. Calling out of the blue and begging to come back will not help you.

You want them to genuinely consider taking you back, so give them their space to prepare.

If you are going to go down the path to get your old job back, be sure that your homework is done. Have solid answers for why you left and why they should take you back (especially if it has been under a year since you left). Be prepared if they say no and graciously accept that. It is possible to get your old job back. But, it all depends on how your relationship was with the company when you left, and when you ask to come back.


Have you ever asked for your old job back? Why? Did you get it back?


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