How to Find a Job While You Have a Job

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4320245924_b8f945a7f8_zIf there?s one good thing I?ve learned about finding new employment, it?s that you don?t quit a job until you?ve secured another job (that is unless you?re leaving your job for self-employment or retirement). But trying to find a job and making time for phone calls, dropping off and mailing resumes, and going on interviews while you?re still employed full time can be difficult. Here are just a few tips you can use to make this process easier.

Keep it Quiet

Seeking a new job while you?re still employed is a smart move. You?re still up to speed with things going on in your industry and it?s easier to reach out to contacts you have at other companies if you?re still working in the field. But, you may want to keep your job search on the down-low as much as possible. If your current employer finds out that you are seeking new employment, they may take steps to begin phasing out you or your position in the company. Don?t try to be sneaky or dishonest about your job search, but don?t confide about it to any co-workers if you don?t want your higher-ups to find out.

Another way to keep it quiet about your job search is to ask your interviewers to keep it to themselves as much as possible so you may exit your current employment with grace, rather than with anger or other complications.

Have a Good Online Presence

Make sure your social media profiles, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are highlighting things you?d be okay with your current and future employer?s knowing about you. Having a complete LinkedIn profile is also a good idea, just be careful not to state that you are seeking new employment in case your current employers monitor your profile. Searching for information about potential hires via the internet and social media is common practice these days, so make sure you control all the information that?s available about yourself so you are shown in a positive light.

You can also find a new job via the internet by using sites like Looking online for a new job is one of the easiest ways to see what?s out there without fully committing to finding a new job.

Don?t Burn Your Bridges

Bad mouthing your current employer to your potential new employer is never a good idea. It plants in your new employer?s mind that you are not a loyal employee. Plus, you never know if your current boss and your new boss are friends or golf buddies. This is especially likely if you are transferring to a new employer in the same industry, or if you live in a small town. Demonstrating ethics by speaking respectfully of your current employer and boss is a great way to gain the respect of your potential new employer.

Be Courteous of Work Hours and Company Equipment

Try to schedule interviews during non-work hours as much as possible, and be sure to never use your current employer?s resources, like the fax machine and computers, to find new employment. If you can?t schedule interviews for non-work hours, take leave from work and try not to miss any important meetings or events at your current job. As long as you are still employed there, you should put forth 100% effort into your job.


Looking for a job while you are still employed is a great idea, but make sure you are doing everything you can to ease the transition between workplaces.



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