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financial management

financial managementThe Internet offers an abundance of free information that you can use to improve a number of areas in your life, including your finances. Though many individuals and business owners struggle with managing their spending, creating budgets and monitoring their finances, there is help out there. From small business blogs to comprehensive personal finance apps, we have compiled a list great resources that you can turn to for consistent and quality information on managing spending and reducing debt for yourself and for your business.

Financial Management Blogs to Follow

If you?re reading this, there is a good chance that you are already interested in quality blogs that offer tips and strategies for effectively managing your money. In addition to Wise Dollar, here are some other blogs that offer additional information:

  • Wise Bread is a site that aims to help individuals ?live large on a small budget.? The site offers information on a variety of financial topics like saving for retirement as well as tips on living frugally and getting more out of your money.
  • Business Credit Blogger is run by blogger Marco Carbajo who works to show business owners ways to keep personal and business credit separate. He writes about business-friendly creditors and highlights some of the best credit cards and funding options for small business owners. He also offers information on consumer credit.
  • The NFIB Small Business Finance blog from the National Federation of Independent Businesses offers small businesses a variety of information on different financial topics. Articles range from information on startup capital to advice on borrowing or crowdfunding.

Personal & Business Finance Podcasts You Don?t Want to Miss

As podcasts increase in popularity, more and more business owners and individuals are tuning in to get the latest news and tips for financial management. We?ve listed a few of the best podcasts for personal and business financial management below.

  • So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a podcast that features personal finance advice from Farnoosh Torabi, who is a financial expert, journalist, and television host. In her podcast, Torabi shares financial strategies and talks with some of today?s top business leaders and influencers to hear their philosophies and success stories.
  • Financial Conversation is a new podcast about business and money for millennials. It’s a great round table style podcast that offers several perspectives on different financial and business topics.
  • The Smart Passive Income Podcast is a great resource for those who want more guidance on ways to earn passive income. The podcast offers case studies, tools and tips for adding more passive income into your revenue stream.
  • SCORE Small Business Success Podcast offers a variety of great information for small businesses. The podcast covers a range of topics such as marketing and hiring. However, it also provides money-related advice such as strategies for business taxes and information on alternative financing.

Tools to Manage Your Personal & Business Finances

It seems like today there is an app for everything. Fortunately, this includes financial management. Below, we have put together a list of some of the best apps that help you manage both your personal and business finances:

  • Personal Capital not only lets you track your budget, but it can also help you better manage your investments. With this tool, you can connect your bank account to look at spending by category in real-time. You can also connect investment accounts across brokers to monitor your investment costs and returns.
  • Mint is a great app for managing your personal spending and budgeting. The app allows you to connect your bank, credit card, and investment accounts so that you can monitor income and spending in real time. You can also create and manage budgets as well as set and track progress for your personal financial goals. This tool also offers personalized tips and advice for money management.
  • QuickBooks is a great resource for small businesses that need help organizing their books and collaborating with accountants. You can connect QuickBooks to business apps that you are already using to track spending and expenses, making it easier to budget and complete your taxes when its time.

Whether you prefer blogs, podcasts or another medium of information, financial information is becoming more accessible every day. Taking a look at a variety of these resources can help you get your finances on track and can help you ensure that you are financially responsible as your business continues to grow and thrive.


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