4 Ways to Make Extra Money with Little Skill

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rush-971888_640When thinking about how you can earn some extra money in order to make ends meet each month, you might run into one specific problem quite quickly ? a lack of marketable skills. That isn?t to say that you don?t have any skills, but you are probably already using the skills you do have in your regular job. If you would like to pick up some side work in order to pad your income, you may find it tough to identify things that would be a good fit.

Not to worry ? you don?t have to have any incredible skills to pick up some side income in the near future. Consider the following four possibilities.

Physical Labor

If you are in good physical condition, you could look into the possibility of picking up a part-time manual labor job to help pay some bills. Since you will only be doing this work part-time, you shouldn?t have to worry about your body wearing down as it might if you were doing this kind of work on a day-in, day-out basis.

Of course, many manual labor jobs require some specific skills of their own, so make sure you will be capable of completing all tasks that are required of you.

Local Yard Work

It doesn?t take much skill to do things like mow lawns and pull weeds, yet nearly every neighborhood across the country has work like that which needs to be completed. Start by asking your neighbors if they would be interested in some help with their yard work for a small fee.

If you do a good job, you will probably get more and more requests from others around the neighborhood to work on their yards as well. In addition to making extra money, you might find that you enjoy spending time outside working on these side jobs.

Online Tasks

The freelance economy has exploded in recent years, and you may be able to carve out a little piece of the action for yourself. Even if you don?t have a specific skill such as graphic design or writing, you could find jobs completing basic computer tasks such as research or data entry.

As long as you know your way around the standard functions of a computer, there is likely work out there that you could complete with ease. Even if you feel like you don’t have many technical skills you can still make money online in your free time with no skill at all. You won’t get rich quick, but survey sites can be a great way to make a little extra money in your spare time. Some of the best survey sites are Swagbucks,?Harris Poll, Reward TV,?Opinion Outpost?and ProOpinion.

Sell Online

Do you have an assortment of old possessions around the house that you would like to move out? Most people do ? yet they just allow that stuff to sit around year after year. Instead of letting clutter take up the space in your home, try selling them online to turn that ?junk? into some cash.

The amount of money that can be raised with this method will depend on what it is you own and wish to sell, but most people can turn this approach into at least a little bit of money. In the end, you will be left with more money in your pocket and less junk in your house ? a win-win situation!


Have you used any of these methods to make extra money? How else can you make extra money?


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  1. James says:

    I get extra income from selling products online and doing some freelancing jobs. Actually there are still some that require less skill such as taking photographs and surveys. All we need to do is look for jobs out there. Persistence is just a key.

  2. Kelly says:

    I love Swagbucks because it has enabled me to earn much more. It’s easy to earn using this. I’d try Harris Poll and Reward TV. Thanks for sharing John.

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