Compounding Good Financial Decisions Will Change Your Life

The Effect of Compounding Good Financial Decisions Will Change Your Life

The Effect of Compounding Good Financial Decisions Will Change Your LifeAs a young person full of vigor and quite far from retirement, it is easy to put off making financial preparations for later. You may assume there is plenty of time, unfortunately there is no ?right? time to start making good?financial decisions. In fact, the best time to start was probably yesterday.

Today, technology has made it a lot easier with useful money saving apps. The following smart money moves will guarantee positive changes in your life.

Start Budgeting

Many people have an idea about what budgeting is, but more than half of them don?t really know how to go about it. It entails being truthful about your household?s financial status, and setting straightforward and achievable goals relating to your spending habits so you can save. It isn?t enough to say you will save and think about it, you have to be practical with plans for your money.

Understand Cash Flow

In order to make the right decision, you need to understand cash flow; what it involves, how it works and the details of your personal household?s cash flow. Take time to review your earnings and expenses to identify where your spending habits are. Take steps to make changes in your spending where they aren?t really necessary.

Join Forces

If you are married, discuss with your partner about your household finances. To be money smart, both of you need to be on the same page with your plans, goals and resources. Having a well thought out plan and not involving other concerned parties is an effort in vain.

Know the Differences Between Needs and Wants

Identify your wants and needs. Have the strong will to say ?no? when something doesn?t align with your financial goals, whether today or in future.

Automate Your Savings

Don?t wait until the end of the month to save otherwise you might not have much left. Use a money saving app to automate this process so you don?t miss an opportunity. The best time is when you get paid or earn an income. Apps can?also help you track income and expenditures against each other.

Review Your Expenses

What expenses or items can you curb to improve your savings goals? There are many ways to cut your monthly costs?and make your budget smarter. They may lie in your luxury habits, fuel expenditures, food, alcohol and so on.

Consider Your Dependants

Consider your children or wards who depend on you. Teach them how to start a savings culture from an early age. They are probably already watching your habits, so you want to set the right example for them to learn. Help them understand the importance of financial self-control and how it can provide them a better future ahead.

The bottom-line of making good financial decisions is to understand the benefits of saving while also enjoying life. Nobody knows what awaits tomorrow, but a good financial plan can prepare you for anything.


Do you make good financial decisions? When did you start making good financial decisions?


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  1. Great points Kayla.

    “Have the strong will to say ?no? when something doesn?t align with your financial goals”

    That isn’t easy but it is *so* important in working to achieve financial success. Far too many of us sacrifice our futures for instant gratification. :-/

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